Addicted to Noise - 04/17/98

Pearl Jam's Jack Irons Replaced For Tour Former Soundgarden skinsman Matt Cameron takes over for upcoming Yield shows

                    Pearl Jam announced on Friday that drummer Jack Irons, who had recently played shows with the band in Australia, would not be joining them on the band's upcoming summer Yield tour due to unspecified health reasons.  Irons' replacement on the tour, scheduled to kick off on June 20 at Grizzly Stadium in Missoula, Mont., will be former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. While Cameron will take Irons' place for the tour, band publicist Annie Ohayon said on Friday that the band and Irons plan to continue collaborating on recorded material and that the long-awaited U.S. summer tour will take place as planned. "It's unfortunate that Jack is not able to perform with us this summer, and we hope he gets well soon," read a statement released by the band on Friday.  Irons recently completed a 15-date tour of Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand that concluded on March 20 at the Perth Entertainment Center in Perth, Australia. Irons, a former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, replaced longtime Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese in January 1995 after Abbruzzese was asked to leave the Seattle-based group in late 1994. Cameron had previously played drums for the grunge super-group Temple of the Dog, which included members from Seattle's Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Several bandmembers have credited Irons with re-invigorating the group's sound in the recording of its latest album, Yield, on which his aggressive, booming sound is inescapable. "I feel like Jack's given some of the old songs a lot more space," bassist Jeff Ament told writer Dave Marsh in an interview published in February in Addicted To Noise. "A song like "Even Flow"  -- which I knew was a great song all along -- all of a sudden, Jack starts playing it and it's like, 'wow!,' that's how it was supposed to be played. Like, leaving a big space there and a little space here, and all of a  sudden the song opens up and it swings." Despite the loss of Irons for the tour, the band said "we are very focused on the upcoming tour and we are all excited about playing with Matt."


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