Pearl Jam's First Online Chat at Lycos, May 15, 2000


AskPearlJam: Devious1-guest says: Eddie, with the New Year and decade upon us. How do you feel about where you fit in to the music scene today?
Eddie: Let's start off with an easy one.

AskPearlJam: Sigmagirl says: What is The West Memphis 3?
Eddie: There was an interesting case concerning the death penalty that took place in West Memphis, Arkansas. It was a documentary made for HBO. They made a second one as well. Basically it comes down to 3 teenagers who were accused, perhaps falsely, of a tragic crime against some younger kids. Basically 3 little kids about 7 or 8 were all murdered in a really ugly fashion. But what is interesting about it is it seems the teenagers were chosen from the town that the suspects based on their dress and the fact that they were the only 3 in town that wore T-shirts with rockbands on them, like Metallica. In New York they would not be picked out of a crowd but they stood out in West Memphis. It's a long story. A lot of people think these teenagers who were ultimately convicted--two were given life and one the death penalty--there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they weren't involved and it's worth saying that there was no real evidence to support the fact that they were involved or guilty. I believe there is a website that people can look at that has tons and tons of information and perhaps places where you can write letters or show support for them at now that I am thinking about it. It's an interesting and scary situation. It seems like a case of discrimination, not necessarily against color or sexual preference. It's more like against adolescence and ones that may look a little different. Thanks for asking!

AskPearlJam: Angelfish says: What books have you all been reading lately?
Stone: I just read a book called Running Mate by Joe Klein. It was written by the same man who wrote Primary Colors, but it was no Primary Colors.
Mike: I'm reading Please Kill Me. A punk rock book about what was going on in New York in the late 70's. It's a killer book.
Eddie: I'm reading A Promise of Justice. It's about a death penalty case in Chicago. Another one where 3 guys were found to be innocent after being in jail for about 10 years or so. It was interesting because it was journalism students from a college in Chicago called Northwestern. Investigative journalism students did the investigative research to get them out.

AskPearlJam: bubberand says: How's the weather in Seattle tonight?
Mike: Awesome, and I'm amazed that it's awesome. It's really nice. About 70.
Eddie: One nice night in Seattle and we are in a chat room :-)

AskPearlJam: Smirks-guest says: This summer you guys are playing a lot of outdoor this something you like better than say the large indoor arenas?
Stone: Yeah, in general, if we can play outdoors, we generally prefer it, especially in the summer.

AskPearlJam: hovercraft-guest says: how does it feel, after 2 years, to get back together and travel around the world like a "couple"... who is more tourist in the band =)?
Stone: I look the most like a tourist. Eddie smells the most like a tourist.
Mike: Since we haven't traveled around the world yet, it's going to be great.

AskPearlJam: aliveguy324-guest says: does any of the band members have any pre-concert rituals that you do.
Stone: We use to kind of stand around and give each other a lot of hugs, but lately, we haven't done that, so no.

AskPearlJam: Rooodle says: How do you guys use the internet?
Mike: I never do, until today. This is the first time I ever have.
Stone: Just emails periodically
Eddie: I respect the internet. I prefer the typewriter.

AskPearlJam: toeman10-guest says: what plans, if any, do you have regarding distributing music over the 'net?
Stone: Certainly distributing music over the net is pretty interesting concept and we think that some way that might be a great way to get music to our fans but we are definitely taking it slow.

AskPearlJam: Big_Train-guest says: How do you decide what songs you are going to play at a given show and is there a chance we might be hearing Dirty Frank this time around?
Eddie: There's a slight chance. Probably play some of the new songs or some of our favorite songs right now so we will play those. The set list that we come up with is kind of like a map for your evening, how it will make us feel and how it is going to make the listener feel so we put a lot of thought into it right before we go on.

AskPearlJam: ArmlessDrifter-guest says: What do you guys think was the best show you guys have ever played?
Eddie: Two nights ago in Bellingham.
Mike: There was one in Chicago that we played for 3 hours one time that I thought was pretty great.
Stone: Maybe Madison Square Garden, second show tour.

AskPearlJam: Beatles333-guest says: What's in your CD player right now?
Stone: The new Elliot Smith is in mine.
Mike: the new Blink and Social Distortion
Eddie: The new Sleater-Kinney and the second Wellwater Conspiracy that has Matt Cameron on it.
Stone: And also the new Neil Young.
Eddie: I've got that one too.

AskPearlJam: PearlJama101-guest says: Who's idea was it for Eddie to play banjo on "Soon Forget"?
Eddie: I don't know whose idea it was but it was turned down.
Stone: Actually Eddie played a ukelele on it. AskPearlJam : jcckjh-guest says: If you could pick one song which was the most challenging to finish, which would it be?
Eddie: I'd say Insignificance. We also worked and wrestled in order to come up with a song called Light Years. It took a couple of drastic turns. We were working on a different song for a few weeks and then felt Light Years was written from that in about 30 minutes.

AskPearlJam: Ed_vacuation-guest sayst: what do you guys enjoy the most about being in the studio together, creating quite possible the BEST MUSIC EVER!!!!!!!?
Eddie: The free fruit. There is a good fruit bowl in the studio.

AskPearlJam: Obi_Wan_Corduroy guest says: Because of the huge popularity of Pearl Jam bootleg shows, were any of you afraid to put out "Live on Two Legs"?
Stone: Why would we be afraid?
Mike: I would say no. We weren't afraid. I thought it was a great representation of the tour that we did with Matt Cameron being in the mix now, it was a good thing to put out.
Eddie: I think it could have been better and I think it would have been better if it would have been more like a bootleg--longer and just like a real show, which we will do next time.

AskPearlJam: prajalem-guest says: any truth to the myth that the song "Parting Ways" indicates the end of this band after this tour?? (Sure hope not!!)
Eddie: Anything is possible.

AskPearlJam: gardenofstone24-guest says: hey guys, I was just wondering during this tour you guys will be mixing some of the older songs into the set lists that have not been played in a while as well as many new ones?
Stone: Yes, we will.

AskPearlJam: FiftyFree says: How would you describe "Binaural" to longtime fans that haven't heard it yet?
Eddie: I wouldn't dare try. It's interesting that you asked that, gardenofstone24, because that song might be one of them.

AskPearlJam: hrek-guest says: What do you guys like to do in your free time?
Eddie: Cyber chats.
Mike: Play a little tennis. Give money to the homeless occasionally.

AskPearlJam: jblagg-guest says: How are you guys enjoying the chat? Do you think you'll be doing any more of this kind of thing in the future?
Stone: I would say in general that it is stupid. I think regular conversation is so much more satisfying.
Eddie: I think everyone is doing a great job and I feel a little handicapped not having my fingers on the keyboard because someone else is typing.
Stone: I said it was stilted, not stupid. Sorry about that!
Mike: It's way more exciting to talk to people. It's still very strange talking to this ambiguous thing, but whatever. It's one of those things.

AskPearlJam: mean5150-guest says: What inspired the soul-searching lyrics of "Sleight of Hand"?
Eddie: Stuck in traffic.

AskPearlJam: empty_stares-guest says: Hey guys, first and foremost, a heartfelt thank you for all your music and all you do for your fans. My "question," if you're willing to discuss, is there a story behind hey foxymophandlemama?
Eddie: Yeah, I had taped something off the tv when I was maybe 17 or something and I think it was people who had mental problems who were being let out of the hospitals early because the states were taking away funding for mental hospitals so they were setting these folks out without the necessary care but it was still very intriguing the way their mind worked and what they would say and we experimented and tried to incorporate it into what to date is our most emotional and moving song.
Stone: We incorporated it by using snippets of the audio tape.

AskPearlJam: Eddleiy-guest says: Does the band as a whole have a favorite track off the new album?
Stone: I doubt that the band could collectively agree on what their favorite song is. My favorite song is "Soon Forget."
Mike: I think "Nothing As It Seems" is my favorite.
Eddie: I'm trying to think of one that Stone wrote to return the favor. But I can't. I'll say "Thin Air" is a beautiful song.

AskPearlJam: Nickey2x-guest says: What kinds of misperceptions about the band or yourselves do you read or hear about in the press that really miffs you?
Eddie: The fact that we get miffed.
Stone: We've never been known to get miffed. Hustled, yes. I meant ruffled.

AskPearlJam: pershad-guest says: Do you agree with the lawsuit Metallica put against Napster or do you think your music should be free?
Eddie: I think people should be free.

AskPearlJam: iloveeddie-guest says: Is there anywhere in the world where you haven't played, but would like to??
Eddie: Brazil
Stone: The mideast, outside of Israel.
Eddie: Tell that person I love her, too, in a distant way.
Mike: I would say Cuba.

AskPearlJam: Brendan says: Why so long since the last album?
Stone: Has it been a year and a half?
Eddie: I think that's Brendan O'Brien asking the question and I want to tell Brendan that we can't employ him full-time.

AskPearlJam: Jillybean says: Where did you record "Binaural"?
Eddie: Seattle.

AskPearlJam: pearljamlover-guest says: Is there a difference in the fans here versus the fans overseas?
Eddie: Yes. More chanting overseas. More soccer chants

AskPearlJam: mdziama-guest says: Any shows on this tour you guys looking forward to in particular?
Eddie: Every night really.

AskPearlJam: BPendergraft-guest says: Would you ever let a fan tag along with you guys for a tour to see what all goes on behind the scenes, you know like a Pearl Jam "homework" assignment? I would definitely be willing to travel with you guys!!! Just to hear all the sweet music.
Eddie: That's very nice of you to say. But there is no tagging along. You've got to have a job. Right now, they are all taken.
Eddie: By people who don't like our music.
Eddie: What a waste (just kidding)

AskPearlJam: rocknroll-guest says: is it true that if you play privacy backwards in the Vitalogy album it says thank you to Pete Townshend?
Eddie: LOL
Eddie: [smiley face]
Eddie: No, but it does say that somewhere in Binaural.

AskPearlJam: tkoby11-guest says: What was it like working with a new producer...what were some new challenges/similarities on Binaural?
Mike: It was interesting. Tchad, kind of for me personally, pushed me to play more takes for a song than I had done previously on records so that was a learning experience. It was kind of challenging to keep playing and doing a take over and over again when generally I do it in the first 3 takes.
Eddie: We took advantage of his patience. And the rest of the band took advantage of mine.

AskPearlJam: Koncrete_Kite-guest says: What advice could you give a local ROCK band who's trying to land a record deal while all these boy-toy-dance-clones or rap-metal-meat-heads dominate the airwaves? It's awesome how you guys are still jamming!
Eddie: First of all, thanks!
Eddie: Don't quit.
Stone: Write good songs.
Stone: And shows.
Stone: Or have a stupid name.
Stone: Oh, wait! We have one!

AskPearlJam: LooseGroove927-guest says: You've all worked with various different musicians over the years. Who's been your favorite to work with?
Stone: I'll just, to be different, will say Chris Cornell.
Eddie: I've enjoyed all of the musicians that I have played with. I just like making music.
Mike: Pearl Jam!

AskPearlJam: steviewonder99-guest says: What was your inspiration, if you are willing to discuss, for "Yellow Ledbetter." I've heard many interpretations by other 'Pearl Jam experts,' but I wanted to hear it from the source.
Eddie: It's too long of an answer for this chat. I'm sorry. It was written right around the time of the Gulf War. That's about as far as I can get into it. It's an anti-patriotic song, actually. ASLPearlJam: IsmaelsPupil-guest says: Have you given any thought to a possible appearance at the Tibetan Freedom Concert this year (if they have it)?
Eddie: Not yet, no.
Eddie: We would like people to think about voting, though, this year.
Eddie: So register now.
Eddie: And educate yourselves soon.
Eddie: We thank you for doing that.

AskPearlJam: Dignin-guest says: Because you guys often leave the lyrics to audience interpretation, are there ever times where you find that somebody has completely missed the message?
Eddie: Nothing that affected World Peace. And Stone rarely gets them.

AskPearlJam: Gigglegirl says: Did Brendan O'Brien produce any tracks on Binaural?
Stone: Brendan didn't produce any tracks on the record but he mixed maybe 7 or 8 of them. Which has a pretty dramatic effect on how the songs sound.

AskPearlJam: Peeps-guest says: this is for everyone.....being around the same age group as me, you have to have a 80's one hit wonder song that you're ashamed to admit you like, for me, it's either Flock of Seagulls, "I Ran," or Wang Chung "Dance Hall Days." What's yours?
Eddie: Oh. Why be ashamed? Pearl_Jam: Except for maybe "Dance Hall Days." That's shameful.
Mike: "Dercammisar." "Der Kommisar"
Stone: Mine is "You Spin Me Around Baby" by Dead or Alive and for that matter, the song, "Wanted Dead or Alive."
Eddie: And now I'm ashamed of them.

AskPearlJam: binaural_5_16_00-guest says: Will you guys ever put out any more videos like "Single Video Theory"?
Eddie: Yes, but better. Actually, I'd like to put out that we've done this thing called Monkey Wrench Radio a few times and we'd like to put that out as well because they were filmed.
Stone: But I'd like to do one more.

AskPearlJam: goots-guest says: What's a question you'd like to answer but have never been asked?
Eddie: Is your cyber chat over yet?
Mike: Was that the grey ghost?
Stone: You want to hold my winning lottery ticket?

AskPearlJam: Lycos says: Looks like we are almost out of time for this chat. Do you guys have any parting words for the audience?
Eddie: Be safe, take care and be friends. And thanks a lot for your interest in our music. It gives us a lot of freedom and we appreciate that.
Mike: Thanks a lot for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy the record.

LycosHost: Thanks guys we had a really good time chatting with you. We will have to do this again sometime!!



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