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Interview with Stone Gossard - April 6th, 1997


Stone (about no code): were all totally happy with the way it turned out, I mean as happy as we've ever been making records. I mean I think it was probably the funnest record that we've ever made together which was a really nice thing as far as like all of us kind of being in the studio all the time and really  enjoying each other. And, I don't know, It's kind of a good time right know for us on a personal relationship level. As far as the sales you  know, I think on some levels everyone's a little dissapointed that it didn't do as well as some of the other one's,  but it allows us to kinda now dig in a  little deeper and think maybe we'll work even extra hard on this next one to really bring out something special.

JJJ : Did you work very hard on the promotion side of things with the No Code album though?

Stone: Ah no not really (laughs)

JJJ: Am I right in saying that you didn't do any film clips what so ever for any of the songs?

Stone: Ah no we didn't do any videos.

JJJ: Now Stone what do you (laughs)... yeah in this day and age of the music scene what do you put the lack of sales to?

Stone: Yeah yeah well that's definitely probably a factor and you know, that we  didn't tour so much and that people are probably kind of sick of us and it's kind of an eclectic record and you know whatever, probably a number of different things but ah.. yeah that's definitely a factor, for sure.

JJJ: Your going back in to the studio soon as well? I heard that on the grape vine.

Stone: Yeah yeah we just got done with a months worth of demoing before I came here, actually one of the reasons I came here was to like (hole)? up in a Hotel  and listen to the demos and write and figure out how to play every body else's  songs (laughs)

JJJ: Is that how it works with Pearl Jam?

Stone: well you kind of, you know, well we go in and we just demo everything and usually when you demo you just do it with who ever, you know you just go in there with Jack or whatever and you get kind of just the basic structure down and then it kind of goes on the big master tape and everybody listens to it and maybe adds a little part on it or something, but you kind of just get a rough kind of shape of the song, and then every one kinda... because not everyone plays on every one song, and you kind of have to listen, gotta figure out if there is a part for you on any particular song or..

JJJ: It's sounds pretty challenging too doing it that way.

Stone: It's fun, it's good, it's actually were probably taking more time on this record this is the first time we've really demo'ed in a long time we normally we just go in the studio and just kinda... bang it out you know, someone has a song we just work it up till it's done, ah this way you kinda get a chance to kinda listen to it a little bit more and ah, hear a rough version and then try to beat it. Which is a good thing for us to do at this time I think, we've done a lot of very spontaneous work and maybe we'll be a little bit more ah.. develop the ideas a little bit more... allow something to.. really arrange something and really spend more time with the arrangements.. 'cause generally the arrangements are pretty much verse chorus verse chorus (laughs)

JJJ: (laughs) they tend to be in Rock 'n' Roll these days.

Stone: Yeah its true, I don't want to get too far away from that but you know it's... if you can work at something for a while you can really, maybe bring out some subtle things that you wouldn't be able to do if you were just doing it one day.

JJJ: Did you fall in love with that very spontaneous approach to making music through working with someone like Neil Young?

Stone: Ah... yeah working with Neil and... kinda working with Brendan, he was, Brendan our producer tends to be a guy that wants to... ah keep the moment fresh and he doesn't let you get bogged down too much and ah. I think it was kinda the only way we could work, I think the band was so wound up at different times that I think that, if you didn't go in there and bang it out it one day, you know, it wasn't going to get done so. Due to the fact that I think everyone feels a lot more relaxed and a lot more like... ah I don't know the pressure has been released in a lot of ways and I think were just able to kinda be more like a normal band now which is kinda exciting.

JJJ: Yeah I mean the whole thing about Pearl Jam was that you didn't begin your career in a normal way.

Stone: Yeah it was pretty unreal as far as that...

JJJ: Are you still feeling the effects of that, the success of Ten?

Stone: Ah.. it's difficult to say. I personally don't think about it that much, I think everyone seems much more like that's just something that happened and it's kind of like ah, a freak and ah.. you trip pretty heavily when you get famous at least our band did. I mean all of us I think went through different phases of being you know, pretty much losing it in differ ways and that's you know, ego tripping and whatever, every combination of neuroses that can come about because your.. personality is sort of... broadcast over the radio or  whatever but ah, I don't know it just seems much more like oh it's just normal business as usual now so it's good.

JJJ: Even through the fact that a lot of memebers of Pearl Jam have been  playing in other bands so long before the success of your first album. You didn't feel like you were quite ready though to make that big jump into superstardom or getting your records played you know right across the world on the radio.. it hadn't prepared you enough for it?

Stone: I don't know.. I really don't know. I think everyone felt a little bit not deserving of the amount of sales and the amount of attention we were getting and I think it made every one a bit kinda nervous and kind of ah, insecure about sort of our original sort of success. I just feel like were really starting to become a really good band right now which is kinda funny or whatever, but I always tend to think about things way off in the future and past I don't really think about that stuff too much.

JJJ: Well that's an excellent sign for Pearl Jam fans if your just getting your  act together now and just become a good band now!

Stone: Yeah well we're definitely going for some new stuff in the studio right now so I think there's going to be some exciting new songs. Every one is writing a lot. 


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