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August 1992


                    August started with a show at the Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston on the 1st. And on the 2nd Pearl Jam delivered an amazing performance at the World Music Amphitheater in front of 30000 people. That same day the guys were interviewed for the The Edge FM. After the Tinley Park show, Pearl Jam played a gig at the Saratoga Performing Arts on August 4th


08/01/92 - Pine Knob Music Theatre:   Clarkston, MI (Lollapalooza II)


08/02/92 - On The Edge Interview FM

Setlist: Why Go, Even Flow, Garden, Alive


08/02/92 - World Music Amphitheater: Tinley Park, IL  (Lollapalooza II)

Attendance: 30,000

Setlist: Summertime Roll Intro/Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Even Flow, Alive, Black, Once, Porch

Notes: Eddie opened the set with a Jane's Addiction song ("Summertime Rolls") leading into 'Why Go'. "Look at all the fancy people up there...you all must be rich". After 'Jeremy', Eddie decideed to do something about all the excess space between the band and the crowd  "I came out really early today before the show and made friends with every one of these guys with yellow jackets (security)... every one of 'em right? And we kinda made a deal... that probably all of you could come right up here for just our set if you promise to go back. You could handle that responsibility couldn't you".  Eddie then moved to the other side of the stage. "What's goin' on over here?... Just pretend you have freedom!... Just pretend... Let them come up for just our set -- here you go... c'mon... take your big chance!" The entire crowd moveed up about 25 feet and Eddie said, "That feels better!" Then they kicked into 'Even Flow'. "I think they knew it wasn't a Frank Sinatra show right?... You don't fuckin' have the Red Hot Chili Peppers play, and Ice Cube, and Ministry and expect everybody to stay out in their seats -- that's just not... that's ridiculous." "This... this is the analogy. This is how they'd all like you to be. It's usually... the only things they ever wanna censor... are the things that really mean something to you. (To the censors): There's real fucking emotion behind the song 'Cop Killer' and that's a fact so fuck off! They want you to think that all the world's just a wonderful place so you'll keep workin' nine to five, pay their taxes, while they reap more money over you than you'll ever dream of making... and then they'll waste it on airplanes and things like that. So somebody told me today... they said, 'Aren't you afraid of Tipper Gore?' If you vote for Bill Clinton and that's a vote for Tipper Gore well I said if there's this many people against Tipper Gore nobody's gonna listen to the wife of the Vice President I guarantee you! 1, 2, 3, 4!..."  Eddie dived into the crowd at the beginning of Porch, with his microphone and a T-shirt wrapped around his head.


08/04/92 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center: Saratoga, NY (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Once, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Sympathy for the Devil /Love the People improv, Black, Alive, Porch



                    The Molson Park show on August 5th in front of 30000 people was filmed by Much Music. During 'Jeremy' Chris Cornell helped in singing from the back of the stage. During 'Porch,' Eddie scaled the scaffolding and dived into the crowd.

                    "One of the last times Ed went into the crowd was Lollapalooza-in Ontario, Canada. People were literally trying to take pieces of him. He was bloody, his shirt was torn up, somebody had him by the hair", Brett Elliason (Pearl Jam sound enginner).


08/05/92 - Molson Park: Barrie, Ontario (Lollapalooza II)

Attendance: 30,000

Setlist: Even Flow, Jeremy, Alive, Black, Porch (setlist incomplete)


Jeff and Mike at the Great Woods Amphitheater on August 7th, 1992                    After Ontario, the Great Woods Center was the chosen venue to held the Lollapalooza tour. For two days starting on August 7th and ending the very next day, Stone and Jeff spotted diferent looks. "I want to introduce everybody to the new improved bald Stone Gossard", said Eddie, Stone responded "It's my Ice Cub tribute",  then Eddie mentioned Jeff as well "this is the new look for Jeff", "This is my Peppers tribute", said Jeff, before 'Leash'.


08/07/92 - Great Woods Center: Boston, MA (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Even Flow, Garden, Angie/Hard To Imagine (ramblings)/Alive, Leash, Porch

Notes: "What's up Boston? beautiful day, it's a really good day to be involved, signing a piece of paper, or raising your arms, or just dancing in the back enjoying the day, just let yourself go, this song is called Deep".  "I think Chris is gonna help us", before 'Jeremy'. "I hate when the Chili Peppers watch, it makes me nervous", introducing 'Even Flow'.  "This is a request, Garden of stone", 'Garden'.  Mike played the beggining of Angie (Rolling Stones) before 'Alive'.  "Somebody is raising the American flag back there, it's so weird how I look at that thing and it makes me discusting, I'm proud of America like the way it should be, like the ideal of America is, but what it as  become actually is discusting, I tell you what you guys, bring Ministry we'll come up there and burn up that fucker, dude remember to vote maybe we could be proud of that thing again, this is the last thing I got to say, have a really amazing day, everybody is going to come back tomorrow, 1.2.3", 'Porch' was next.


Stone at the Great Woods Amphitheater on August 8th, 199208/08/92 - Great Woods Center: Boston, MA (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Even Flow, Summertime/Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Alive, (Sweet Emotion), Black, Once, Porch

Notes: "It's the last time were gonna play Boston for a while, so we just gonna play and let it all out, 1.2.3", 'Even Flow'.  "This is for everyone in the pit, in the back", 'Deep'. "Life on earth, a day like today, a feeling like today, and specially you at the back, thank god you're alive", 'Alive'.  "Have a beautiful life, don't forget to vote", said Eddie while was leaving the stage.






Eddie at the Jones Beach Amphitheater on August 9th, 1992                    

                    "I remember [the Lollapalooza stop] at Jones Beach [near New York City] standing with Kelly, watching Ed climb this huge scaffolding. He's looking down, and it looks like there's water on the side, except we knew that the water was only six inches deep. The two of us are going oh no, please don't let him jump. There were always those edge of the seat moments", Michelle Anthony (Executive Vice President, Sony Music).

                    "Just looking for attention, I guess. Every city there'd be some old friend or my wife's parents, and I'd get to gross everyone out", Eddie Vedder.

                    "We ran into each other again that summer, backstage at a Bruce Springsteen show in New Jersey. My daughter and her boyfriend were with me when Eddie walked into the dressing room. They had seen him the day before at Lollapalooza, the famous show at which he climbed the band's speaker column and sung from 50 feet up in the air while the heart of every onlooker sat in their throat. That was the day Eddie left me feeling like the 2,000-Year-Old Rock Critic, but, in fact, we had a good discussion among the four of us, and manager Kelly Curtis, about Lollapalooza, Pearl Jam, Bruce and our shared passion for the Who.What impressed me most, though, was what happened the next day: Eddie knew that my daughter's boyfriend worked as a secretary at Epic and sought him out while he was in the company's offices, not to impress anyone, just to say hello", Dave Marsh.




Eddie at the Jones Beach Amphitheater on August 9th, 199208/09/92 - Jones Beach Amphitheater: Wantaugh, NY (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Summertime Rolls, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Even Flow, Garden, Alive, Porch

Notes: "I feel like playing today", 'Summertime rolls'. "This is the smallest place that this tour plays the whole time, this is actually kind of cozy, I can actually see the people in the back, hello! for the people in the front in too deep", 'Deep' next. "This is a request for someone over there, itīs called Garden of stone", 'Garden' started. "Im gonna tell one not to miss, cause I've been there everyday, don't miss the The Jim Rose Side Show, give him a hand, even if you don't know what it's a about", 'Alive'.  "Hey Stone what are you doin'cutting your hair again? "Mike wandered over and inexplicably kissed Eddie on the cheek. Eddie said, "Love between bands -- now I'm gonna kick the shit out of him later for embarrassing me. Okay this is it, we'll see you later, 1.2.3", Porch ( Eddie started climbing the scaffolding, passed the speakers, and stared and the crowd), the maniac Eddie was present at this show!!!



                    During their stop in New York, Eddie and Jeff were interviewed Off the Record on August 10th. They talked about the origin of the name Pearl Jam and about the Seattle sound "So therefore, we're not a Seattle band. [laughter] I think if anything, whatever the Seattle sound is, we've tried to NOT be that. If there's been anything that we have had to do with the Seattle sound... I mean, we're definitely influenced by things in Seattle because we live there and we're influenced by people in Seattle because our best friends live there, but as far as us trying to go out and trying to be Mudhoney or Nirvana or whatever the Seattle sound is, we've got nothing to do with that. It's a great city, it's a beautiful city and the area where we practice is like where all these artists hang out and it's a cool place. And when it's nice, it's like, wow, let's take a day off and go enjoy it, and you enjoy it. I don't know, it's a good place to actually make music because you tend to want to make music and there's not a lot of distractions like, there's not a lot of "rock" things to do there...", said Jeff.

                    The second Jones Beach show on August 11th was canceled due to a rainout. Eddie explained the cancellation the day after at the Waterloo Village, New Jersey "And this is what it's all about, this Village as Summer...how many of you got to attend yesterday's disaster?...to everybody who wasn't there...it was like a big tornado, knocked over all the speakers, all I know is that, yesterday and today seems like a year away, this song is called 'Deep'".


08/10/92 - Off the Record Interview with Eddie and Jeff


08/11/92 - Jones Beach Amphitheater: Wantaugh, NY (Lollapalooza II) (canceled)


08/12/92 - Waterloo Village: Stanhope, NJ (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Even Flow, Why Go, Deep, Hard to Imagine(teaser)/Jeremy, Alive, State of Love and Trust, Porch, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes: "I have a friend from San Diego right here, why did you moved to Jersey, the surf? where's all the surfers? I know they are happier today than they were yesterday. Finnaly got some waves uh, just to ya know, this song, I wrote while I was surfing", 'Alive'. "Everbody alright?  is going to be a long day, it's just the beggining", 'Solat'. "Nice stroke Sir, thanks for the nice hat, I should give you something, Iīll give you this little shoe, itīs my grandfather shoe, I put it on stage every show it  gives me good  luck, he left it to me in his will, he was in one of the first punk  bands ever, so who wants it? who gave me the hat? be careful, Iīm gonna need your adress, to come visit the shoe, it gives me strenght, Iīm gonna give it to ya, Grandpa would be proud, okay we got your attention I just need to say one thing, we got your attention, Iīm very insecure, 1.2.3", Porch. "I heard this shit on tv last night, they were talking about young people and voting, and I guess what really bugs me about it, is that they acted like, oh thereīs the stupid fucking, they donīt give a fuck, you canīt even fuck the young vote, they even existed, Iīll just sittinīand saying man the people weīve been playing to I donīt think thatīs right, you guys feel like making a change,  fuck for another  president, just vote for whatīs the goal on your comunnity, the president itīs a fucking  puppet", Ritfw starts. "Have a really good day!".


                    On August 14th, Metal Shop interviewed Stone and Jeff. They were asked about the future direction of Pearl Jam which Stone said "I mean it's so wide open right now. This band can pretty much do whatever it wants to, even just in jams and stuff at soundcheck. We'll play white man's reggae for 20 minutes or whatever. I mean we'll just go with it if it feels good". Jeff remarked as well "And it just seems like, in between every project too, there's a period where you're at home and you're playing your instrument and you're trying to figure out a different way to play your instrument, whether it'd be Stone going with a bunch of weird tunings and putting different strings on the guitar...whatever it is. Or with me, like with getting a "fretless" and a "12-string" and just some weird instruments and just wanting to explore that...and I think really excited about potential avenues that we can take. I mean I think there's a lot of ways that we could go and I think the first record is just barely touching on what we're going to do with future projects".


08/14/92 - Metal Shop Interview with Stone and Jeff 


                    On that same day Pearl Jam did a gig in Reston at the Lake Fairfax Park. Chris Cornell from Soundgarden almost started singing because Eddie was running late...so Cornell asked the crowd for help: "I don't know the lyrics to any of these songs". Eddie came running through the crowd, jumped on the stage and said he was stuck in traffic.

                    "At Lollapalooza one show, Eddie had missed the bus we were on. I remember panicking: we're not playing today! He was at a gas station and got a ride from a passing truck driver. He ran through the audience while were starting to do like a Temple of the Dog set, he fully ran. We played "Hunger Strike," "Reach Down," and then he got up there and we did our set", Mike McCready.


08/14/92 - Lake Fairfax Park: Reston, VA (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Once, Why Go, Jeremy, Hunger Strike, Breath, Even Flow, (Sweet Emotion)/Alive, Porch/(We Want Control of Our Bodies)

Notes:  After Jeremy Eddie was still out of breath from running to the venue and said, "I need to catch my breath... which gives us a good opportunity -- we haven't done this at all the whole tour. We're gonna play a Temple song for you". They strum a bit of Pushin' Forward Back to tune up. Chris came in to sing Hunger Strike. Eddie sang back up. Before 'Alive' Eddie sang the chorus to 'Sweet Emotion' by Aerosmith and during 'Alive', Ben Shepard from Soundgarden joined them on stage. At the end of 'Porch' Stone smashed his guitar. 


08/15/92 - Montage Mountain Performing Arts Center: Scranton, PA (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Breath, Even Flow, Alive, Porch/Improv (Sometimes Happens All the Time)/(Tearing)/(We Want Control of Our Bodies), Rockin' in the Free World


08/16/92 - Star Lake Amphitheater: Pittsburgh, PA (Lollapalooza II)

Attendance: 22,631

Setlist: Even Flow, Why Go, Deep/Improv (I Want to Feel Free Today)/Jeremy, Hard to Imagine (teaser)/Alive, Once, Porch (What's the Use)/(Tearing), Baba O'Riley, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes: "I need to ask you something ya know, are you guys alright, are you feeling alright, 1,2,3.....", the crowd went nuts after 'Even Flow'. "I can see where the real fans are, we are in Pittsburgh so Why Go Home?", said Eddie leading into 'Why Go'. "I want to feel free today, this is one is someone who didn't feel free, his name is Jeremy" , 'Jeremy' was next. 'Chris from Soundgarden, he taught me everything I know, today it felt different, a new vibe, so we're going to try something new, this song was first written being a part of a little mini-opera...the first song is about incest, and the last part...the good stuff...I mean interesting stuff...the second part is about serial killers, that's interesting...I think there's a few you outhere...I think you are all potencially future serial killers", before playing 'Alive'. Actually they didn't played the third part (Footsteps). 'Baba O'Riley had lots of mistakes. A quick version of RITFW was performed (Al Jourgensen and Chris cornell helped in singing). At the end Eddie thanked them both. This was an awesome show, full of energy. 


08/18/92 - Walnut Creek Amphitheater: Raleigh, NC (Lollapalooza II)


08/20/92 - Lakewood Amphitheater: Atlanta, GA (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Summertime roll intro/Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Even Flow, Alive, Hard to Imagine (teaser), Porch, Baba O'Riley, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes: "We saw a picture of these guys [The Who] backstage. I guess they must have played here, but it inspired us to play this song ... even though we don't know how", said Eddie before 'Baba O'Riley'.


08/22/92- Bicentennial Park Grounds: Miami, FL (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Even Flow, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Suggestion/Alive, Garden, Porch, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes: Eddie adressed the crowd for the first time after 'Even Flow', "I just want to tell all the photographers, you look like really nice people and those look like really nice cameras. You're standing pretty close and I can't keep control of myself, not with this many people here". After 'Jeremy', "You guys need water ... Let's get these hose fucking going. If I need water they need water". During 'Porch', Eddie settled on climbing the rope ladder. After thrashing it a bit he returned to the stage again. He then went to the other side of stage and scaled the scaffolding which surrounded the speakers. He stayed there a few moments and then does an amazing stagediving off the scaffolding into the pit below. A must seen. Before 'Ritfw', Eddie did a little speech "I'm really glad we got to come to Florida just one more time... because I'll be honest with you... if the Republicans win the election I'm fuckin' leaving the United States and I'm never comin' back". During the song Al Jourgensen from Ministry showed up on stage. Great show, amazing interaction between the band and the crowd.


Eddie at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on August 23th, 199208/23/92 - Central Florida Fairgrounds: Orlando, FL (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Even Flow, Black, Alive, Porch/(Tearing), Baba O'Riley

Notes: "Bring on the hurricane ... we're ready", with these words 'Why Go' started. (The winds were very high with Hurricane Andrew approaching.) "How does it feel to be out there, does it feel like summer? ...I'm gonna dedicate this song to myself, it's called Deep". "We never played this song, we might need your help a little bit...you could encourage us...it's hard for me to sing", 'Black' was next.  "Let's everybody celebrate", 'Alive'. "You're fucking beautiful, it's gonna be an amazing day, and would probably wanna go home and make love or something, and there's people and a group called Operation Rescue...let's say you make love with somebody today, and maybe you desire to hang out with this person for a year not the rest of your life...well somehow you made a mistake...Operation Rescue doesn't want you to have an abortion...I just found out yesterday that Domino's Pizza's(who had a Lolla booth) whose been with this fucking tour supports Operation Rescue...and from right here I just wanna fucking give Domino's Pizza the big fucking finger, everyone turn around and...fuck off, it's our fucking show...this song is called Porch, I'll see you guys later". "It's gonna be a great day, Jesus and Mary Chain, fucking Soundgarden, we are going to play one more, if you know the words sing it, if you don't we don't need this, it's alright, have fun", 'Baba O'Riley' closed the set. During it's final chorus Eddie climbed atop Chris Cornell's shoulders. Great version of 'Baba O'Riley'.


08/24/92 - The Edge: Orlando, FL (Lollapalooza II)


08/25/92 - Blockbuster Pavilion: Charlotte, NC (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Even Flow, Why Go, Suggestion/Deep, Jeremy, Once, (Little Wing riffs), Alive, (Tearing/Silence/Grip/Fuck the Police jam), Black, Porch/(Take Control w/Hard to Imagine music), Rockin' in the Free World


08/28/92 - Harriet Island: St. Paul, MN (Lollapalooza II)

Setlist: Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Breath, Even Flow, Alive, Porch/Tearing, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes: "Ladies and gentlemen, my new escort and friend, Al Jourgenson. Why go home? Cause we're in fuckin' Minneapolis - get us outta here", the first words Eddie told to the amazing crowd at the Harriet Island.  Before 'Deep' Eddie said "this is the beginning and its going to be a beautiful day for all of you, I know, and this is the countdown there's only 10 more shows to go so we will be playing with everything we got". During the 'Deep' break, Ed tried to calm the crowd: "Pick him up, help him over, get him up. Everybody, right down here. Just make sure that everybody gets up. I'm countin heads, I'm countin heads. Slow down, is everybody up? There's still one more. Come on, right behind you. White flags surrender! Everybody get up. All right. On the edge ..." and finished the song. "Say thanks to Chris Cornell [He sang backup vocals during 'Jeremy'] for singing along. Thank you for singin along, too. (Stone noodles 'Breath'). I'm making all these movements like a puppet just 'cause I think it's probably the only way that anybody back there can even see if there's anyubody on stage. Hel-LO! Just want you to know that we can see you. This song, I don't know if you've heard it, it's called 'Breath'". "I remember the last time we were here in Minneapolis, and we played a place called First Avenue, you know where it is. (crowd cheers) That's about right, everybody in the front that's who would've been there. Just all you guys right in the front. But, I remember it was about midnight, maybe ten after. And all we wanted was a pack of cigarettes and we were back at the hotel. And we called the front desk, we said "Can you tell us where there's a cigarette machine? You know, is there a cigarette machine?". And he said "Why, yes sir, there is a cigarette machine but we lock it up after midnight." (crowd laughs). You couldn't even smoke cigarettes?!?! Like, I'm gonna smoke three cigarettes and go out and kill somebody?!?! (Crowd laughs) So I don't know what the fuck is wrong with Minneapolis. And I started wondering about you guys. Are you guys OK? (Crowd screams) Are they letting you ... live? Cause if there not, kill em, fuck em, or get the fuck out, I don't know", 'Alive' was next. The last song of their set was 'RitfW', "Thanks very much for coming. Have an amazing day. Take care of one another. Thanks all!". 


08/29/92 - Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI (Lollapalooza II) 

Setlist: Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Even Flow, Black, Hard To Imagine (teaser)/Improv/Alive, Porch/(Tearing), Baba O'Riley


                    "We turned down inaugurals, TV specials, stadium tours, every kind of merchandise you could think of. I got a call from Calvin Klein, wanting Eddie to be in an ad. I learned how to say no really well. I was proud of the band, proud of their stances. We were starting to use the power for more political, more charitable type things", Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jamīs manager).