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January 1992


                     On January 2nd, Pearl Jam played the last show supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were supposed to finish it in Seattle at the Seattle Center Arena the following day, but Anthony Kiedis was ill so they played the Rock Candy.


01/02/92 - Salem Armory: Salem, OR


Mike atop Eddie´s shoulders at the RKCDNY on January 3rd, 1992


01/03/92 - RKCNDY: Seattle, WA

Setlist:  Once, State of Love and Trust, Even Flow, Garden, Alive, Black, Deep, Why Go, Porch, Breath


                    Pearl Jam returned to the studio around this time to cut their contributions to the Singles soundtrack, "Breath" and "State Of Love And Trust". They also took the opportunity to re-record one of 'Ten's' more popular tracks, "Even Flow," which was going to be the soundtrack for an upcoming video and also be released on cd-single and 12-inch white vinly in the UK. They also cut three new songs, "Dirty Frank", "Yellow Ledbetter" and "Alone" (later to turn up on a cd-single release of "Go" from their second album, Vs). 

                    "Yellow ledbetter" was a leftover from the Ten sessions, Eddie had simply improvised the lyrics during the one-take session, singing whatever phrases happened to pop into his head (In concert, Eddie has outfitted "yellow ledbetter" with uncountless different sets of lyrics over the years). The song's odd title was a joke, in honor of a chicago friend of Eddie's named Tim Ledbetter. 'Yellow Ledbetter' was recorded for the first time on October 23th, the infamous Eddie Vedder Demos in Seattle. "Dirty Frank", was written during the Chili Peppers tour. Bearing a heavy peppers influence in both its funk feel and its uncharacteristically jocular lyrics, the song tells the tale of "Dirty Frank Dahmer", a cannibalistic tour bus driver who prowls concert venues across the nation looking for fans to eat, all the while driving drunk and transporting a terrified band who mostly hide under their bunks. Once Mike joked "We were convinced he was a serial killer, oh man, I'm glad we're still alive".

                    "'Breath' and 'State of Love and Trust' were recorded last January [92] in Seattle, and are just a couple of songs that we thought would be good for the soundtrack. Not much of a story. [Laughs] They're older songs. "Breath" is on the first demo we did as a band. I used a Les Paul and Marshall on that track. We didn't really have time to mess around and bring in my Vox AC30 and my Steinberger! [Laughs] We had a day-and-a-half to do it, so I just played through my normal set up", Stone Gossard.

        "Just a couple of weeks after I joined the band, actually, we went into the studio and recorded "State Of Love And Trust" and another version of "Even Flow" for a video we were doing. We ended up using that version of "Even Flow" with some film we'd shot of a show at the More Theater in Seattle because, by chance, they synced up really well together", Dave Abruzzesse.


                    On January 17th, Pearl Jam performed at the Moore Theater in Seattle. The show was videotaped by Director Josh Taft (a long time friend of Stone). The footage was used for the 'Even Flow' video. 

                    "At the Moore Theatre, the first song they did was "Release", and I remember looking over at Nancy [Wilson, Crowe's wife], and we were like, "That's the shy guy? Oh my God!" Soon he was hanging from the rafters. It was sort of like the end of Eddie as the excruciatingly shy guy", Cameron Crowe (Singles Director).


The Moore Theater in Seattle



Eddie during Pearl Jam´s performance at the Moore Theater on January 17th01/17/92 - Moore Theater: Seattle, WA

Attendance: 1,350

Setlist:  Master/Slave, Release, Even Flow, Once, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Suggestion/Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Porch, 

Encore: Leash, Breath, Baba O'Riley

Notes and Quotes: After playing 'Release', the guys started 'Even Flow'. But Eddie wanted to stop cause "these lights, we have to calm this place down, this is not a tv studio. Josh turn these lights out, its a fucking rock concert, ready”, and so they started again. At the start of the 'Even Flow' video, this can be heard. Right after finishing the song and before starting 'Once', Eddie said "hey, sorry about that one guys, I just wanna give the right atmosphere". Intro-ing 'State of Love and Trust "side-stage I saw a guy with a shirt saying singles, how many of guys were in the movie? I know that Matt Dillon is in the audience today". Before 'Alive', "I just wanna get a point across here, I'm just thinking that we don't know what happens after here, this is all there is, this is it, so don't fuckin up, don't fuckin up the environment, don't fuckin up... like mistreating animals and must of all just appreciate being fuckin alive".  A funny speech by Eddie, before 'Deep' "by the way we just wanna say for the record that we love nirvana". Eddie just expressed his love for Soundgarden before 'Leash', "Soundgarden wherever you are, we love ya". The last song of the night was 'Baba O´Riley. This was the first documented time that that song was played even though Jeff said before the song that "we really don’t know anymore songs, but we actually played this song one time, so we are going to try again". check out the film crew setlist on Five Horizons.



                    On January 24th, Pearl Jam went to Los Angeles to play a Rock for Choice show which featured as also other bands such as Fugazi, L7, Lunachicks and Torture Chorus. Rock for Choice was founded by L7 in the fall of 1991 to mobilize the music community to protect abortion rights and women's health clinics. After meeting with the Feminist Majority, which heads the largest clinic access Project in the country, L7 organized the first Rock for Choice concert at the Palace in Los Angeles on October 21, 1991. This historic concert featured Nirvana, Hole and Sister Double Happiness.

                    "The music is a fine reason to come, and the fact is it's spreading a message... you're getting through", Eddie Vedder.

"I'm usually good about my temper, but all these men trying to control women's bodies are really beginning to piss me off. They're talking from a bubble. They're not talking from the street, and they're not in touch with what's real. Well, I'm fucking mean, and I'm ugly, and my name is reality" , Eddie Vedder.


01/24/92 - Los Angeles, CA

                    By January, Ten had jumped to the Top 200 Albums chart, where it began moving steadily upward. Prodded by the band's growing sales, MTV put the "Alive" video, previously relegated to late-night showing on Headbanger's Ball or 120 minutes, into prime-time airings. Not wanting to lose the momentum, Epic began preparing for the release of the "Even Flow" single, which happened on April.

                    On January 31th, on their way to England for the start of their European tour, Pearl Jam stopped in Los Angeles to shoot a video for the song with director Rocky Schenck, who previously made Alice in Chains "Man in the Box" clip.

                    Schenck's take on "Even Flow" would find its way into the reject vault, he was going to create a video that was too high-concept. For reasons known only to him, Schenck had been inspired by "Even Flow"-a song about homelessness-to film Pearl Jam frolicking at the Zoo!!! He'd arranged a nighttime shoot at an old, closed facility, brought in all manner of wildlife, and set up his lights among the cages and in the trees. Along the animal footage, Pearl Jam were filmed individually and as a band, stading on the side of a cliff and air jamming. The shoot took hours, and as it wore on, the band members became more and more convinced that the video was going to be a groaner. Schenck's video would ultimately be replaced with a raw performance clip, culled from footage shot during a January 17 show at Seattle's Moore Theater. Josh Taft was filming that night not in his capacity as a director but as a friend of Stone's. But in the end, Taft's presence at the Moore Theater show and the fact that he'd shot sufficient footage to cobble into an interesting video, was a lucky break.

                    "We made an "Even Flow" video that never came out that I'm sensitive about, because it was my idea. It ended up being totally rawk: lots of big lights, out on a cliff, definitely comic to look back on now. Hopefully at some point, we'll be able to laugh at ourselves enough to show that one", Stone Gossard.