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March 1992



                                    After playing in Amsterdam on February 12th, Pearl Jam came again to Holland to play a small club tour in 5 Dutch cities (Groningen, Den Haag, Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam). On March 1st, the small Vera club was packed with 450 people for the second performance of Pearl Jam in Holland, which Eddie remarked "I can't believe we're here.  Actually... I can't believe you're here". The Following day in Den Haag, the tickets sold out immediately. A limited number of free promotion posters and introduction tapes of Pearl Jam were available during the ticket sale. All the T-shirts with the 'Alive' lyrics on the back and the T-shirts with the setlist on the back were sold out that night.  500 people attended that show and after the break, Dave walked to the audience smoking a typical legal Dutch substance and gave it to someone in the audience.  "Hey, Dave, you have such a bad influence, man...Personally, I wouldn't smoke that shit...it's not that I'm straight edge...I just like life...And...there's a girl named Jane, and there's a girl named Ruth...they saw every show in London and they took a train to Holland...and this is them right here..and this song is for them...it's called Garden of Stone...actually is for all of you but...", said Eddie.


03/01/92 - Vera: Groningen, Holland

Opening: Captain Nemo

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Once, Porch

Encore: Leash, Improv/I've Got A Feeling

Notes and Quotes: "Hey I can't believe we're here...actually I can't believe you're here", before the opening song 'Oceans'. "This was the warm-up...are you ready?", before 'Even Flow'. "It's a very good sign...you all seem to getting along just great...Why Go Home". The crowd started asking for 'Hunger Strike'. "Hey...there's a writer from the United States here, and she's sittin' over on the side...I want to be able to see all of you guys...her name is Lauren..everybody say Hi Lauren!!!...everybody say Hi Jeremy!!!", before 'Jeremy'. "It looks like maybe there are a few first-time stage-divers here.. 'cause eh... they're not really good at it, you know....They get about, you know, they don't even get off the stage.  They just kind of land on people's heads, mostly girls and young men up here...It's kinda silly.  And here's one of them now!  Just to prove my point.  No, no... I actually know this guy, he's a friend of mine. Come on, I wanna be your friend, don't come up. I used to like you.  Because when you're telling a story and somebody is listening to a story... you know, that's just fucking stupid... pardon my saying so.  Do you agree?  Alright?  So, I still love you, but eh... for the preservation of the people ,for the preservation of the music, just hang tight.  Let's play, this is 'Deep'". The crowd continued to ask for 'Hunger Strike', "Hey everybody it's Chris Cornell, he wants to sing Hunger Strike...right up on front...Alive". "Good singing...it's pretty nice you all to know the words...we don't even know how to speak your language...please forgive us...believe me next time we come I wanna spend so much time in Holland, I think this is the language...this one is Black". While introducing 'Porch', Eddie said, "Five of us were right there too...we still remember what it's like...Are you guys surviving?... This is the last song...This was the quickest night of my life, I think.  So... who knows if we will live to see tomorrow.  Let's just fuckin' go for it all on this one..."  by the end of it, the crowd carried Eddie above their heads. When the band came back on stage for the encore, Eddie had a huge knife in his hand.  He explained why : "So... I guess... doing that song I got a little blood on my eye, and our tour manager Chris, he loves us so much, he said : 'You really shouldn't go out and play. I need to take you to the hospital.'  So I killed him!  And I hate to condone this sort of thing, but... boy, did it feel good.  In fact, now I'm kind of addicted to it. You could be next!  So beware, next stage-diver... Actually, I don't have to kill people, none of us have to, 'cause we can just play this song.  'Cause we get our anger out.  Jeff, wearing a dress, will start it off.  Drop the leash, drop the leash, get out of my fuckin' face".  "Say Hello to Heaven...Say Hello to Groningen...so a lot of great bands played here...I don't know if you were there...Henry Rollins...Ozzy...I don't know if we even deserve to be here, but what the fuck...Shall we make up a song about Groningen?...do you wanna something we know?...Before we go I need to ask you a question...I hope you understand me...lemme ask you a question ... if you need an abortion, can you get one? [yeah, said the crowd]...Who pays for it, do you pay for it?...[No!!! our government, said the crowd]...And our goverment won't even like let us...they want to take us away the choice...it's fucking ridiculous...America the land of the free...that's why we left, that's why were here...were moving here...you'll find us at the doors coffee shop", a little jam followed with Eddie singing "In here were free, that's why were here...believe it or not". "I've got to be honest...everybody here knows about Amsterdam...we never heard about Groningen...but we know now...we won't forget you", said Eddie during 'I've Got a Feeling'.  


03/02/92 - Paard: Den Haag, Holland

Attendance: 500

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Black, Saying No/Suggestion, Alone, Once, Porch

Encore: Garden, Leash, I've Got A Feeling

Notes and QuotesThis show was broadcast on radio. "There's a lot of people here...I hope you're here for the right reason...music...love...tea...", before 'Oceans'. "A little warm up...here we go", 'Even Flow'.  Some Dutch words followed, "Ik hou van jou" (I love you).  After 'Jeremy', Eddie walked up to Stone and asked him to hold on for a while. "Just a couple of words.  In my whole life, I never wanted to be a policeman or anything of authority.  But in fact, all my life I've been in a crowd like this, and whenever I was back there and people flew up onto the stage and jumped back off it always looked so cool, but then you are up here, see al these peoples' heads bein' smashed in by boots and stuff, it's really fuckin' ridiculous [the crowd applauded]...It looks like you agree, so let's just police ourselves and have a good time, this is 'Deep'". "You know...we canceled tomorrow night's show just cause I knew I was singing everything I've got tonight", after 'Alive'. "I don't think we've played this next song live yet", said Eddie. "Yes, we have", said Stone. They were mentioning 'Alone'. A cool jam followed. "We have to call that song...Saying No in Den Haag". "You're having fun, Gold E?", Eddie asked Stone, and 'Alone' was played. During the end of the song, Eddie pulled Stone's pants up his ass, which he reacted to with, "You put them in, now you have got to pull them out, too".  "Ask somebody in front", he said and walked away. "There's a request...'Come on, just sing'...if you say please maybe...you make me feel cheap", said Eddie. "Actually, Mike and I are working on a Queen song we are goin' to play tonight!", said Stone.  Eddie then said "Oh, oh, I better do this", and he put his fingers in his ears.  Stone and Mike started screaming a piece of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. 'You know it's the last song...I don't wanna hurry it up...it's nice up here...I don't wanna leave so soon...but this is it...1,2,3,4", 'Porch'. Dave walked to the audience smoking a typical legal Dutch substance and gave it to someone in the audience.  "Hey, Dave, you have such a bad influence, man...Personally, I wouldn't smoke that shit...it's not that I'm straight edge... I just like life...And...there's a girl named Jane, and there's a girl named Ruth...they saw every show in London and they took a train to Holland...and this is them right here...and this song is for them...it's called Garden of Stone...actually is for all of you but...", said Eddie. "I don't wanna play one more slow song tonight, that's it...you haven't heard this before...so I thought I'd clue you into the course...it says...Drop the Leash, Drop the Leash...get out of my fucking face". "So if we like...let's just say for instance...we get really mad one day...and we tell the record company to fuck off...and...they won't pay for our hotels anymore...next time we come, can we stay at anybody's house or something?...cause there's a record company guy here tonight...I just wanna tell him...we can do without him if we had...you know I don't mean that...thanks for coming", and 'I've Got a Feeling' was played. During the song a lot happened.  Eddie joined the audience and improvised singin' the words of 'Hunger Strike' with the melody of 'I've Got a Feeling'.  Jeff gave his bass to Eddie's brother (Jason), who came on stage.  Eddie played on Mike's guitar along with his brother.  Mike played drums along with Dave, and Stone left.  "That's the first time me and my little brother ever played together", said Eddie at the end of the song. "Thanks we won't forget this...we'll see you around". An amazing show.


                    After Pearl Jam's set, when it was determined that Eddie's voice was blown out and that the following night's show in Nijmegen would have to be cancelled, the band and crew decided to travel on to the hotel in Utrecht, where Pearl Jam were playing on the 4th. Mike and Dave, however, seized on the glorious opportunity presented by a day off in nearby Amsterdam, decided to stay over in Den Haag for the night. so they could take a train to Amsterdam first thing in the morning. While Dave and Mike were in Amsterdam, Eddie being in Utrecht got a tattoo on his calf. The tattoo it's a crossed tomahawk and a wrench on his right calf, is the logo of Earth First. On March 4th, one of the greatest shows at least for Eddie.  The Tivoli Gardens was packed with 950 people, and at the end Eddie mentioned what he did the day before "I wasn't going to say anything about this, but then I thought I should, because this is the first show I've ever played with a tattoo. I'm now a walking piece of art".

                    "They seem just very open and and I respect the fact that people have a lot of eh, a lot of freedoms here in Holland and eh they they seem to handle them (in a..) very well and ah and I really meant it when I said today that that eh we've thought about moving and ehm.. like... Utrecht in particular has been like... top of the list...the people in Holland have been so good to us really, ehm, it's like family especially places like Utrecht and people at the Tivoli eh they've been just great, a guy named Erik and all the, those people there, it's like family, you know ...", Eddie Vedder.


03/03/92 - Vereeniging: Nijmegen, Holland (canceled)


Eddie at the Tivoli Gardens on March 4th, 199203/04/92 - Tivoli: Utrecht, Holland

Attendance: 950

Setlist: Release, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Once, (Sympathy for the Devil), Porch

Encore: Jam, Alone, (Outshined)/Leash, (Hunger Strike), Garden, Jam

Notes and Quotes"This is really one of the nicest places we've ever played, and we got to hang out in this city the last two days...and it's really a nice place...Thanks for having us, it's great", before 'Release'.  "That was just the warm-up...are you ready?", 'Even Flow' was next. After 'Why Go' Eddie said, "It's a sea of people.  When the tide is high, the waves come crushing out of my thumb...Ik hou van jou (I love you)...What did I say, I don't know what I've said!...Godverdomme (goddamn it), I don't know what I say.  Someone told me to say those two things...Jesus told me to say those two things...Jesus also told us to write this song...it's called Jeremy...watch yourself and your neighbors my friend". "Just a quick reminder...that...I'm just looking at the front row...there are human heads uphere...there are human heads...and they break...so, if you're gonna break somebody's head, break up your owns...you pussies...four letter word called Deep". Jeff got really pissed with the amount of people stage diving, "Watch the instruments and watch what were doin'". "Jeff worked in a coffeeshop for five years, six days a week so he could buy those pedals, that's why he's so protective of them...And maybe, what I think of this song is a world you would be in on MTV or something.  No, listen, maybe it feels a little weird for me, cause I am a protector of this song as well, cause it's like as you know, your life.  So I hope you listen to it in the right way, and I think live is probably the way".  After 'Alive'  "If this music thing, this band, doesn't work out, that's the job.  I want to cool people off in the pit, that would be a good job for me... Cause there are several men doing the pit, it's just like you get round a few times and you never wanna be away...this is called Black". The crowd started screaming for 'Hunger Strike' before 'State of Love and Trust'.  "There is a question for you.  Is there something, is there a political strike going on here in Holland, cause everywhere we go they're saying about a hunger strike. When Chris is here, you gonna yell that at him, too, I hope!".  Eddie joked with someone in the crowd who looks like someone he knows : "This guy looks like Steve for Mudhoney, the guitar player.  Mudhoney is playing here soon.  Steve just came early so he could hang around the coffeeshops. You're better looking."  Stone added loudly, "Steve, what's up, man?  How are you?"  Jeff and Eddie laughed about Stone's screaming.  "It's going quickly tonight.  I'm honestly pissed.  Someday we're gonna be gone and others will be like anyone!  Once upon a time, once upon a time, 'Once'". Eddie made a climb to the balcony, made a round through the whole place, and jumped back on stage, halfway through 'Porch'.  He was scared to jump, but Jeff helped by saying, "Jump!", and waving come on, "We will catch you!". Returning for the encore, Eddie played drums for a few moments "I just wanted to play drums so I could give a drumstick away...that was fun...I still can't believe I am in fucking Utrecht".  After the song a stage diver took off.  "That was the laziest stage diver I've ever seen...I wasn't going to say anything about this, but then I thought I should, because this is the first show I've ever played with a tattoo. I'm now a walking piece of art...I used to be just a loser". A few Outshined riffs were played. After 'Leash', Eddie was the only one who stayed on stage "Where everyone go?...I ain't leavin' yet...I'm not going nowhere...where did they goin'?...I wanted so badly to jump in...would you promise to not grab my leg?...I just got this...it hurts like fucking...don't grab my leg alright?...[He then entered the crowd]...tell everyone we want to play Garden of Stone...We're gonna play Garden of Stone for this man right here...What's your name?...We're gonna play Garden of Stone for Chris...[Eddie then started singing Hunger Strike with the crowd helping him out during the chorus part]...I can't wait to tell Chris about that...Jesus...", 'Garden' was next as promised. "Thanks very much...We won't forget this [and he didn't forgot]". A little Jam session was performed with Eddie singing a few Holland words "Ik hou van jou (I love you)". 


03/05/92 - Effenaar: Eindhoven, Holland

Attendance: 500

Setlist: Release, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Leash, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Once, Porch, 

Encore: Suggestion/Deep, Garden

Notes and Quotes: "Alright, turn off the fucking music, we are going to play now", Eddie adressing the crowd for the first time before 'Release'. "Just the warm-up...before we start...there's a girl here whose mom followed her into the show, just to make sure she is safe", before 'Even Flow'. "You know you play a few nights in a row...really...I can't believe were in Holland...it is really nice to be here...but you play a few nights in a row I think the other guys are doin' okay but I'm having a hard time getting to this night...so help me getting into with this one...Why Go Home". " I spent it all on the bag...on the track...Jeremy". After 'Leash,' Eddie said, "Eddie, jump in the audience...That's what they want. I'd love to do that, but I am having a hard time singing...and if you could help me...this is one of my favorite things that Stone plays," leading to 'Alive'. Jeff got really pissed with the security who couldn't handle the amount of stage dives, "Don't jump to where you don't know...keep up the front row...try to watch the fucking show...they are crashing their arms, our pedals, they knocked us out of tune...it's not that cool up here man, it's more cooler up there...so if you wanna dance, jump...watch these people in the front". "I am sorry that music has to suffer but it was only just recently that I became one of you. I'm part of the crowd and I care about you and if people are getting hurt, I'm gonna stop, OK? Are you alright? And if they are taken off the stage, please take them gently, sir...even if you're mad", said Eddie after Jeff's coments. "Ik hou van jougoedverdoemeIk hou van jou, Godverdomme ... ("I love you, God damn it!") leading to 'Porch'. The crowd started asking for 'Hunger Strike', "I've been sittin' right behind there...the whole time...I've never left...I was just listen to you...What are you sayin'?...[Hunger Strike said the crowd ; Can you play I've Got a Feeling for me said one fan who got onto stage]...one at a time", 'Suggestion' was played instead.




Mike naked while playing I've Got a Feeling - March 6th, 1992

                    On March 6th, Pearl Jam played an amazing show. The choosen venue was the NightTown in Rotterdam, Holland. This was as also the last show off the 1st European tour in Holland ground. One of the coolest moments of the show was when Mike, who'd had one too many beers, slipped into the wings somewhere around the mid-set mark and shucked his clothes; when he came casually strolling back for a solo (before I've Got a Feeling), wearing only his shoes, socks, and Strat, the others were so caught up in the show that they didn't immediatly notice. Their reactions when they did were priceless. Stone doubled over in helpless laughter, and a stunned Eddie doing a double take and yelding, 'Jesus'. 

                    "I have played shows naked before. Back when I drank years ago I did in Holland [Rotterdam]. I've seen pictures of that and that was pretty frightening. The first person to actually see those pictures was my mom. And she says [in a mom voice] "Michael, I just saw a picture of you and YOU WERE NAKED!" My guitar's strung down pretty low. I've done it since I've been sober too", Mike McCready.


03/06/92 - Nighttown: Rotterdam, Holland

Setlist:  Wash, Once, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Porch

Encore: Rotterdam Improv (Straight to Hell Now)/Garden, (Outshined)/Leash, Rotterdam Improv/I've Got a Feeling

and Quotes: Eddie adressing the crowd right after 'Wash', "Before we start...let's just talk for one second before we really kick in here...because last night and the last few nights a lot of people was beggining to get hurt...it's taken away from the music...the stage level is right about where peoples' necks are and I'm really nervous that a few heads are just gonna come rolling freely unattached to the stage. Okay? So everybody right here...an ocean, a sea of people, a sea of waves...is a good thing. Just keep it in the sea no waves comin' up on stage alright? Are you alright with that? Once upon a time?". "Alright, it feels better already...you guys are cool", before 'Even Flow'. "I sure am glad...it feels good tonight because...we've had 6 shows in Holland and all of them except from last night were just so good...such a good feeling from people here...and then at Melkweg somebody out-landed on when they were stagediving...and she as...come here for a second...Chris come here cause...she got landed on our show...she's got a neck bruise for 3 weeks...she hides it...but that's her twin sister there and so she's taking care of her tonight...and I'm just glad she's still Alive". "You deserve to be rewarded", said Eddie before spreading water to the crowd. "You've got a very dificult language...how do you say Black". During 'Deep', Mike destroyed his guitar which the other members acknowledge "Wow, what happened?", said Eddie - "That was his favorite fucking guitar. His mother gave it to him when he was twelve, thirteen", said Jeff - "Who fucking cares, he's no fucking baby...be a boy", said Stone. "Are you having a good time?", said Stone. "So, of any place we've been in America and in Europe...let's keep quiet to hear the question...of any place we've been, if you could move to any...where do you move?...[I think I would move to Holland...this place sucks...I'm just kidding] (said Stone)...me personally, I do like Amsterdam but I think this is pretty cool...and all the crew, and all the people who travelled to see us maybe a dozen shows...that are out there...there's a girl named Sophie...there's a girl named Melissa...they know we'd never did this travel before...I really like this place...someone tell the singer to shut up...there's one more thing I need to say...1,2,3,4", said Eddie before 'Porch'. During 'Porch', Eddie didn't climbed or stagedived but Mike was soloing like mad in front of Eddie and Eddie gently pushed him backwards into the crowd. The fans' upturned hands carried Mike, flat on his back and still ripping a solo, across the first few rows a bit and then gently set him back up on stage. "You've been really nice to this band tonight but I think you'd probably nice to all the bands from America [booooo]...No?...Really?...you probably nice to all the bands from Seattle that's it...you don't have to be...some are really assholes [a few Outshined riffs were played]....I bet they won't be as nice to you...I bet they won't...they won't even care if you're getting killed up front as long as they keep playing...let's play Leash". At the end of I've Got a Feeling the band left the stage one by one, and a fan pulled from the crowd was recruited by Eddie to play bass. Eddie got Mike's guitar and the two "jammed" for a minute, facing each other. A must see show. Amazing crowd, lot's of energy. Pearl Jam during their crazy years.




                    After the amazing Holland shows Pearl Jam finished their European tour playing 5 shows in Germany. Their first one was in Cologne on March 8th, where Scully (Stoneīs guitar tech) joined them on guitar during 'Even Flow'. The following day PJ played at the Loft in Berlin, performing for the first time one of their most played cover songs throughtout the years, Rockinīin the Free World. For a crowd of 600 people Pearl Jam played in Frankfurt at the Batschkaap on March 12th "There's a bunch of Americans in the audience. Hope they're not offending anyone ... as they are known to do." The next day they concluded their first European tour with an amazing performance at the Natchwerk playing 'TEN' in order for 900 people, "So I think we're still on side one -- is this the last song on side one? Do we have to flip it over yet?" After 'Jeremy', "Okay... flip the record over". When they visited Europe again in June, their return to America would not be as jubilant.


03/08/92 - Live Music Hall: Cologne, Germany

Setlist: Wash, Once, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, jam, Why Go, Porch, 

Encore: Improv/Saying No/Improv, Garden, (Outshined)/Leash

Notes and Quotes: "Alright that was simply the warm-up...now that you know your neighbor...be friendly", adressing the crowd for the first time after 'Wash'. "Is everybody okay?...[yeah]...I'm just checkin' on your help...were all five lifeguards here and were gonna watch out for you...Achtung Baby...On guitar for this next song a gentlemen named Scully [Stone's guitar tech]...this song is called Even Flow". "We're just getting warmed up", before 'Alive'. During 'Alive', "Leave this light on...I just wanna see everybody...the light in the middle". "Everybody told us...everybody told us when you get to Germany...'those audiences are gonna be real cold man, I just wanna tell you'", before 'Black'. "This is Jeff Ament and this song is Jeremy". "How about a little jam before we continue?", before a little Jam session. "Mr. lightman...I wanna be able to see the crowd...the last song...I wanna see everybody here cause it's not about us here...it's not just about five people...it's about everybody here...I'm speaking for all of us...here in Cologne...I thought we'd been playing in a place about as bigger as the drum set....one more...1,2,3,4", before 'Porch'. Returning for the encore, "Do what you guys were just doin'...were gonna write a song around you", and a little jam based on 'Saying No' from Den Haag was played. During 'Garden', Eddie carried Mike on his shoulders , singing, "I will walk... with Mike on my shoulder..." After playing a few riffs from Soundgarden's 'Outshined', Jeff remarked "Our favorite band...Soundgarden". "We're just wanna say were not the sound of Seattle...were more like the sound of Montana...and this song is the sound of Detroit...The words in the middle since you've never heard it before...Drop the leash, Drop the leash, get out of my fucking face".


03/09/92 - The Loft: Berlin, Germany

Attendance: 500

Setlist: Wash, Once, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Rockin' in the Free World, Jam/Dirty Frank ramblings, Porch

Encore: Garden, Leash

Notes and Quotes: Eddie before starting the show "Hello...If we're gonna play it anywhere, we should play it here". "Just the warm-up", before 'Once'. "Kim Thayil is here...you're awful noisy Berlin...we thought it was going to be a quiet, cold evening here", before 'Even Flow'. "Pretty strong response for a new band...this is a name song called State of Love and Trust". "We are just getting warmed up...What did your sign say...it says something about the United States...[someone got up on stage saying 'Alright, here's one of the most exciting bands from the USA...and...I don't wanna say the name because we know that they'll play it...we love their music, and we wanna hear Black [cheers]"...we actually paid him to say that [said Jeff]...that man's drunk, get him out a here [said Stone]", instead 'Alive' was played. "For you...", 'Black' was then played. "Please give me your underwear...no, no...I can't right now...you embarrass me in front of the people with all this idolation", before 'Deep'. "Jeff Ament, he's never been here before...I thought I'd introduce you...maybe he could make some friends...this is Jeff...Jeff this is Berlin...(it's he's birthday tomorrow, it's his fucking birthday tomorrow [said Mike])...oh it's he's birthday tomorrow...[the crowd started singing Happy Birthday to Jeff]...Berlin, this is Jeremy". Mike started strumming 'RiTFW' even before 'Why Go'. "People on the streets...if were gonna play it anywhere, we should play it here", before playing for the first time 'Rockin' in the Free World'. A little jam session preceeded with 'Dirty Frank' ramblings. "Sometimes you jam, sometimes you don't...so that was shit", said Stone. "Hey, we just wanna to extend this night a little longer cause it goes so quick, I don't know when were gonna be back here...so this might be the last thing I say to you...1,2,3,4", 'Porch' ended the main set. Returning for the encore, "Just one thing... so it's clear ... we are not the sound of Seattle...there's many sounds of Seattle". "Can I say something?...and mean it?...Can I say something and mean it and have you believe it?...it really is something else to be here in Berlin...it's a trip...about four years ago I was in a little punk band and I wrote a song about Checkpoint Charlie and how would never end...how would be there for all our lives...I jumped across it about ten times just for simbolism...and I know there's a lot of difficulties because of the two...I'm just glad I could meet you all and I think were all glad to see it first hand so...were glad you survive it...were glad you're still Alive...Drop the leash, Drop the leash, get out of my fucking face". "Thanks very much, we'll see around".


03/10/92 - Markthalle: Hamburg, Germany

Setlist: Release, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, (I'm Not Crazy)/Once, Rockin' in the Free World, Porch, Suggestion/Improv, Garden, Leash, I've Got a Feeling


03/12/92 - Batschkaap: Frankfurt, Germany

Attendance: 600

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, (Improv)/Jeremy, Once, Alive, Black, (Where Do The Children Play)/State of Love and Trust, Deep, Rockin' in the Free World, Porch, Suggestion/Breath, Outshined/Leash

Notes and Quotes: Before 'Jeremy' Eddie said, "They're building Jeff a special bass for this next song and they're almost done with it."  and then intro-ing Jeremy saying "I wish he would have killed his parents. Then maybe he wouldn't have killed himself".



03/13/92 - Nachtwerk: Munich, Germany

Setlist: Once, Even Flow, Alive, Why Go, Black, Jeremy, Oceans, Porch, Garden, Deep, Release 

Encore: Leash, (Outshined)/State of Love and Trust, Improv/Rockin' in the Free World, I've Got a Feeling

Notes and QuotesAs Release began Eddie said, "So it wasn't fuckin' 'Tommy' but we tried."  Then as they left the stage Master/Slave was over the P.A.  At the end, Eddie thanked everyone for coming and Mike, who was standing on the drum riser next to Dave, helped Dave topple the drum kit down onto the stage. They absolutely destroyed it -- Mike was throwing pieces around and Dave detached the kick drum and threw it down onto the stage as well, along with the stool.



                    After their last show in Germany, Pearl Jam flew straight to New York to play an eight-song set for MTV Unplugged. The idea of taping a live acoustic show that would be aired to an audience of millions was intimidating enough for the band - as Stone put it, "An acoustic show is really sort of a naked, exposed way of playing your songs, because you canīt hide behind distortion". When the band members showed up for the taping, the basses Jeff had requested from the rental company weren't there, and the acoustic guitar Mike was to play had such a high string action that it would be nearly impossible for him to play any decent leads.

                    "Two days later (after the Albain Music Bar show), our manager called and said MTV wanted us on Unplugged. So on our way back from Europe we stopped in New York and did the show.", Jeff Ament.

                    "It was a lot scarier going in than it actually turned out to be. We showed up, and instead of the Gibson Chet Atkins steel-string guitar I had ordered, they had a classical one there. It was getting late -- like eleven o'clock at night -- and where can you rent stuff at that hour? Luckily, we knew some people who were able to score us a couple more guitars, and it turned out fine. I ended up getting a Chet Atkins steel-string -- which played great -- and a Takamine that felt pretty good. In those kinds of situations, you just have to play with the hand you're dealt", Stone Gossard.

                    "It came out all right, but it could have been a nightmare, because we ordered some specific equipment and they gave us pretty shitty stuff. I wanted to get a Martin, some nice guitars. But when you rent equipment, you don't know what you're getting. Jeff ordered some specific basses and they didn't appear. The acoustic guitar I played had really high action, so it was totally impossible to do leads. But I thought it came out pretty well anyhow", Mike McCready.

                    "It was weird, because we've only done five or six brief acoustic shows, and it forces you to play differently; you can't rely on feedback. [Laughs] It forces you to use dynamics, and to look at each song in a different way. Some songs turned out good acoustically, and some just didn't quite happen. I didn't think "Even Flow" was any good", Mike McCready.

                     "An acoustic show is really sort of a naked, exposed way of playing your songs, because you can't hide behind distortion. Doing it in front of millions of people is even more intimidating. We actually went out there and had a fun, energized show. It's a cool way to hear the band, because the drums and the vocals are featured a lot more; Dave, our drummer, is a great player and Eddie can really shine when he's given room to move around vocally. It gave people a different perception of the band", Stone Gossard.


Eddie during the MTV Unplugged performance on March 16th, 1992                     On March 16th, they taped the MTV Unplugged show (for broadcast in May), their dynamic set featuring versions of "Alive," "Even Flow," "Black," "Porch" and "Jeremy" (from Ten), "State Of Love And Trust," from the then, still unheard Singles soundtrack, and Neil Young's "Rocking In The Free World," a song with which they'd been occasionally encoring on the European tour. During the long jam in 'Porch', Eddie amused himself by standing up and surfieng in place on the teetery-looking barstool he'd been perched on, scrawling the words Pro-Choice on his arm in Magic Marker, and eventually falling off the stool backward, much to the delight of the studio crowd. 



03/16/92 - Kaufman Astoria Studios: Queens, NY (MTV Unplugged) 

Setlist: Oceans, State of Love and Trust, (Angie)/(RitFW)/Alive, Black, (Dissident)/Jeremy, Porch, 

Encore: Even Flow, (Smoke on the Water)/Rockin' in the Free World

Notes and Quotes: "I think we should just take a second, and look around...and see all this friends and people...there's another guy named Eddie...he had three friends with him...Eddie are you in here?....do you guys make it in?...oh, there they are...they've seen everything we've ever done, I think...Oh, this is a TV show, I forgot to start it...alright..1,2,3", before 'Oceans'. "A little love song I wrote about my surfboard [laughs]...no, actually is to someone named Beth, who hopefully I'll see tomorrow...And what is this?...oh, this is State of Love and Trust...Busted down the pretext". After 'Solat', Mike strummed a few 'Angie' chords. "I would believe...to think that all of this applause was legitime if I didn't hear them having practice before, and now I couldn't trust you at all [smiling]...[a few Rockin in the free World chords were strummed]", before 'Alive'. After 'Black', Stone played a few chords of a song that would only appear on their second album Vs, 'Dissident'. "That's how we play it...I have to think something to say besides Fuck...what can I say?...I think we could say Fuck...It's a free country...oh, I'm sorry, yes, right...you almost probably can't get an abortion so you won't be able to say Fuck...I just wanna say you should be all having a fucking abortion", before 'Jeremy'. "They gave us a few rules before we started...No slamming or anything...if there was a song...this could be anyways so I hope you have fun...I just wanna say 1,2,3,4", before 'Porch'. "Thanks very much, it didn't feel like a TV show at all actually...By the way this was MTV and we where Unplugged...I think they really gonna unplugged us now...so we see ya later...My polaroid is the shop so this is gonna have to do [taking some pictures with a normal camera]...Returning for the encore, "Jack McDowell that's his name...he's a pitcher for the Sockx...Who gave me the Bears cap?...let's play some music", before 'Even Flow'. After the song the guys discussed about the next song 'What we'd get to play?', said Eddie. The crowd started asking for 'Garden' and 'Deep', which let Eddie to say "At least they know songs". By this time Mike started playing 'Smoke on the Water', by Deep Purple. Instead they've played an amazing acoustic version of 'Rockin' in the Free World'. 


                    When they hit the US Concert trail a week later with a string of dates in the Midwest, the leap they'd taken in popularity while they'd been overseas became apparent to them. Nirvana's 'Nevermind' had passed the three million sales mark back in February, and releases by other Seattle bands, including 'Ten', had begun to follow it up the charts. True to form, the band members' reaction was low-key. When they learned that 'Ten', had gone gold, Dave Abruzzesse was the lone celebrant. 

                    "We were at a restaurant and Jeff said 'Oh, the record went gold a couple of days ago'. It was just in passing 'Oh, by the way'. And nobody even really reacted at all. I just kind of bit my tongue, went back to the hotel and went straight up to Eric Johnsson's room. 'Hey,man, the record went gold, whooo!'. I would always go up to Eric's room and celebrate with him, smoke pot and jump around and go 'Kick ass, whooo'. Because if I did it around the band, I'd get looked at like, 'What's your problem?'", Dave Abruzzesse.


                    Pearl Jam started their first headlining US tour in Minneapolis on March 25th. Next day in Madison, Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was hanging out by the side of the stage. 

                    "I remember the last time we were here in Minneapolis, and we played a place called First Avenue, you know where it is. (crowd cheers) That's about right, everybody in the front that's who would've been there. Just all you guys right in the front. But, I remember it was about midnight, maybe ten after. And all we wanted was a pack of cigarettes and we were back at the hotel. And we called the front desk, we said "Can you tell us where there's a cigarette machine? You know, is there a cigarette machine?". And he said "Why, yes sir, there is a cigarette machine but we lock it up after midnight." (crowd laughs). You couldn't even smoke cigarettes?!?! Like, I'm gonna smoke three cigarettes and go out and kill somebody?!?! (Crowd laughs) So I don't know what the fuck is wrong with Minneapolis. And I started wondering about you guys. Are you guys OK? (Crowd screams) Are they letting you ... live? Cause if there not, kill em, fuck em, or get the fuck out, I don't know", Eddie Vedder (during the Lolla show in Minneapolis).


03/25/92 - First Avenue Club: Minneapolis, MN

Attendance: 1,300

Opening: Eleven

Setlist: Wash, (Outshined)/Once, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, crowd/Ed vocal jam/Suggestion/Jeremy, Why Go, Porch

Encore: Garden, Leash


03/26/92 - R & R Station: Madison, WI

Opening: Eleven

Setlist: Wash, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Improv/Black, State of Love and Trust, Once, Porch

Encore: Garden, Leash


                    In Milwaukee on the 27th, and in Chicago on the 28th, the Smashing Pumpkins were the opening act for Pearl Jam (curious was the fact that a few months before the Smashing Pumpkins, topped Pearl Jam on the bill, during the Peppers tour). After opening with 'Oceans', Eddie told the crowd to be careful because the room had seats and they didn't wanted people to get hurt. Backstage, the promoter and a troop of Epic executives heard this and nearly went into apoplexy. This kind of patter was practically an invitation for thousands of fans to uproot their chairs in deference to Eddie's whishes, and when he got offstage, he got a lecture on the psychology of crowds, and on the fine print in rock & roll insurance policies.

                    "I found out that by simply apologizing to the audience for the presence of chairs, the band's insurance for the gig immediately becomes void", said Eddie Vedder later, annoyed.


03/27/92 - Marquette University Alumni Hall: Milwaukee, WI

Opening: Smashing Pumpkins

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Improv/Black, State of Love and Trust, Once, Rockin' in the Free World, Porch, 

Encore: (Outshined)/Leash, I've Got a Feeling/(Dirty Frank)

Notes and Quotes: "Alright...one thing before we kick in here...Lord knows you've got enough autority at University campus, and I don't wanna be one more but I see a lot of amateur stage divers out here tonight...and we never even wanted to play in a room this big but apparently a few more people wanted to see...so there's seats here...that means that there's a sea of people...we don't want you to get hurt, we don't want you to get fucked up, we just don't...believe it or not we fucking care about you right...just fucking be cool...not to many people floating around on stage...you've got fifty people underneath and one on top...Are you ready to kick someone else?...let's do it", before 'Even Flow'. "Show me what you've got", before 'Why Go'. 'Jeremy' was dedicated to "all the colour students". "So I never went to school...I'm a little intimidated by all you educated people...But I learned this," and 'Alive' started. "State of Love and Trust...play it for Gibbs, Michael". "This people in the back, are you enjoying yourselves?...From up here you look a bit apathetic, I have to admit...It's because you didn't paid $17 to get in?", before 'Once'. During 'Porch' Eddie scaled the scaffolding and someone threw him his microphone. He sang a bit and then he looped the mic cord through the scaffolding and slided down. Returning for the encore, Eddie sang a few lines of Soundgarden's 'Outshined' "Looking California, Feeling Wisconsin". "Just for the record, this band hates playing in places with seats...I hope it was okay with you, alright?...this song is called Leash". Before 'I've Got a Feeling', "We just wanna tell you...get good grades, make your parents happy...then kill them". A fan made it on stage and Eddie stopped the security guy from dragging him off. He and Eddie traded lines on the next verse, then the fan did an awesome stage dive while Eddie smiled in the background. Jimmy, from the Smashing Pumpkins, helped Dave on drums.



Cabaret Metro on March 28th, 1992                    On March 28th, Pearl Jam played at the Cabaret Metro. All of U2 except Bono turned up at the Metro to see their show, and the bands members happily snapped pictures of themselves with Edge when he made his way backstage. Mike even got in a little quality time with the U2 guitar player, after Edge noticed the Muddy Waters T-Shirt Mike was wearing and mentioned that blues great Albert King was playing in town. Later that evening Mike was grooving to King's set at a joint called Blues, Etcetera, in the company of Edge and Christina Petro, the belly dancer on U2's Zoo TV tour. 


03/28/92 - Cabaret Metro: Chicago, IL

Attendance: 1,000

Opening: Smashing Pumpkins

Soundcheck: Jeremy, Deep

Setlist: Release, Improv (You Tell Me)/Even Flow, Rockin' in the Free World, Once, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Porch

Encore 1: Garden, Leash

Encore 2: Window Paine, I've Got a Feeling

FM Broadcast: Release, Improv (You Tell Me)/Even Flow, Once, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Porch, Garden

Notes and Quotes: Eddie changed a line in 'Release' to "Oh Dear Dad...and this your home town?", cause he's a Chicago native from Evanston. "Hey Michael... David's drum is broken -- what can we play? We've already made up one song tonight..." Mike began noodling 'Rockin' in the Free World'. Eddie started singing, and after Dave was ready he picked up and they played the whole song. "Good places to play, good people to work with, good crowds." Jeff: "An alright basketball team", Eddie: "I apologize 'cause my throat's hurtin' a little bit -- we got to see one quarter of the Bulls game tonight". Eddie about 'Why Go', "The person the next song was written about is here tonight". Voodoo Chile solo during 'Porch'. Billy Corgan and D'Arcy from The Smashing Pumpkins joined Pearl Jam  for 'Window Paine' and 'I've Got a Feeling.'


03/30/92 - Bogarts: Cincinnati, OH

Attendance: 1,250

Opening: Eleven 

                        "You know, the time that I keep thinking about is ... we'd been to Europe twice, and we opened up for the Chili Peppers , so we'd been on the road for about six or seven months on the first record. We came back to the states, and things had kind of blown up, but we didn't really even know how much it had blown up, and I remember we played a show, in Columbus, Ohio, and after the show, there was like 400 people there, or whatever, after the show, we went back to get on the bus, and there were like 400 people around the bus. And it, you know, took like an hour or an hour and half to get on the bus cause you're signing autographs, and saying "Hi" to all these people, and that was like, when you actually were confronted with, like, every person that saw you at the show, you actually probably shook their hands, or made eye contact with or whatever, and that was a moment, that seemed, like, ok, something just happened. The reality of it, like, kinda hit home. It felt good, it felt strange, too, like, wow, what's going on, like why all of a sudden, you know, you couldn't pay somebody to like, like you, or listen to your record, or ... so for just a change like that.", Jeff Ament.


03/31/92 - Newport Music Hall: Columbus, OH