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May 1992


                    May started with a show at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Pearl Jam was one of the many bands featured at this festival. After this event PJ performed at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha on May 3rd

                    "Is anybody here who was with us yesterday?...do you think about this place is a little smaller, a little cozy, we played for 15,000 ridiculous people or something yesterday, and it was like a good feeling , but it was nothing like this, I'm glad you're here", Eddie Vedder during the Omaha show on May 3rd.


05/02/92 - Day On the Hill: University of Kansas: Lawrence, KS

Attendance: 15,000


05/03/92 - The Ranch Bowl: Omaha, NE

Attendance: 650

Setlist: Wash, Once, Even Flow, Improv/State of Love and Trust, Alive, Improv (The Park where I play the pope instrumentals, different lyrics)/ Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Improv, Porch

Encore: Garden, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes and Quotes: "We'll never forget the last time we've been here (Peony Park Ballroom 10/20/91)", before 'Once'. "Feels like Summer", 'Even Flow' was next. Before 'Alive', "Is anybody here who was with us yesterday, what do you think this place is a little smaller, a little cozy, we played for 15,000 ridiculous  people or something yesterday, and it was like a good feeling , but it was  nothing like this, I'm glad you're here". During 'Alive' Eddie changed the lyrics (Is something wrong she said, off course there is you fucking cunt). After Black Mike said "You guys are gonna be here? tomorrow night my sister is going to play here". Eddie changed the lyrics in Deep "On the edge of a no nothing town, sounds a fucking a lot like Omaha".  Eddie at the beggining of Jeremy mumbled "wherever you are, wherever you are". "Wake up you fuckers, lemme me see if you can jump", before 'Why Go'.  Ed said something about autographing some carrots for the crowd: "Pearl Jam ... the band with a message. Stay healthy. Eat your carrots, and vote too...Omaha here's a song for the open mindests", before 'Garden'. "It's fucking amazing when you singalong", during 'Garden'. "Before we leave and as long as we're here, we need to talk about a few things, we need to thank a few people, there's a guy in a weel chair, I've never seen anybody in a weel chair surviving the front row, everybody give a big hand for Ken...That's fucking courage. Another very courageous thing is to travel and work for this band, we are all a little bit crazy, and this guy named Smitty it's his birthday tonight, so come here Smitty for a second (The band and the audience started singing 'Happy Birthday' to Smitty ). We wanna thank Tribe after Tribe for playing before, an amazing band. And most of all we won't forget the very first time we came to Omaha, you guys broke the barricades in front of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And you didn't know who the hell we were, and you were nice to us, so thank you, we will never forget, I feel like Bono", before 'RitFW'.  At the end "This t-shirt kind goes with my outfit tonight, whoever threw it up thanks a lot. We are going to remember you all. Take care of yourselves, see ya next time, goodnight".



                    Next gig was at the University of Colorado in Boulder on May 5th. With 1400 seeing it, Pearl Jam delivered a great performance. Before launching into 'Alive' Eddie talked with the crowd a bit "What's up Boulder? Gimme some fuckin' news... What do you do here? I wouldn't blame you if all you did was sit around and bask in the glory of these mountains. What do you do? Do you cause trouble as well? You know in college they try to teach you not to cause trouble. They're really scared that you're all gonna go out and cause trouble. Just thought I'd seize the opportunity inside these sacred halls to tell you that, You're all individuals -- you're all here together to learn that you're individuals... and you're alive". And during 'Rockin' in the Free World',  Eddie stripped off his Minor Threat T-shirt and dived into the crowd to surf a bit. Next stop was in Bozeman, Montana, with Jeff thanking the crowd for coming. 



05/05/92 - Glenn Miller Ballroom, University of Colorado: Boulder, CO

Attendance: 1,450

Soundcheck: Even Flow, Release

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, (I'm Not Crazy)/Once, Improv/Porch, 

Encore: Suggestion/Garden, Leash, Rockin' in the Free World



05/07/92 - Gallitan Fairgrounds: Bozeman, MT

Opening: Tribe After Tribe

Soundcheck: Jeremy

Setlist: Wash, Once, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Porch

Encore: Suggestion/Garden, Rockin' in the Free World


05/09/92 - Mesa Amphitheater: Mesa, AZ

Opening: Tribe After Tribe


05/10/92 - Iguanas: Tijuana, Mexico  

Attendance: 1,000


                    On May 11th, Stone and Eddie were interviewed in Los Angeles for the KLOS Studios. They even perform live the unplayed 'Footsteps' which would appear as a b-side of the Jeremy single. Being in California, Pearl Jam played a show at the Ventura Theater the following day. Palladium came on May 13th, with Eddie thinking about climbing the speaker stacks but deciding not to do it "As mellow as you can. As mellow as you can -- just take me, okay? As mellow as you can. This is the last time I'm ever gonna... do it,". He only dived with his mic in hand.

05/11/92 - Rockline, KLOS Studios: Los Angeles, CA 

05/12/92 - Ventura Theater: Ventura, CA  

Opening: Tribe After Tribe

Setlist: Wash, Once, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Improv (Park Where I Play the Pope)/(Crazy)/Porch, 

Encore 1: Suggestion/Garden, Rockin' in the Free World, 

Encore 2: Footsteps

Notes and Quotes: , if you could hear me...we're not used to play in places this big, I think there's people up there that I need to see before we continue to play...houselights or anything...don't tell anybody about this band or if you had any fun tonight, cause we don't want to play in places bigger than this one...and I mean it...you fuckers", before 'Alive'. "That song was to everybody who did make it in...and this song is for everybody who got to go...Why Go Home". "We're just makin' this stuff up for all the Venturians in the audience.  Are Ventura people...Are they considered L.A. people?  I want to know. ...What?  You have something against L.A. people?  Are you racist or something?  All I know is, I was looking forward to tonight, I'm not looking forward to the Palladium...I just thought I'd be honest with you...telling you...cause you can all see right...are you okay?...were concerned about you...so be careful...cause we care about you so much...chewing-gum...I'll eat it...now this is safe but don't take this as an example like to think that you don't have to wear condoms [he put the gum in his mouth]...okay I'm gonna give it to someone else and you eat it...who wants it?...see...were starting to communicate...and probably the most important thing that I personally have to tell ya is this...1,2,3,4", which led into 'Porch'. The last song of the set was 'Footsteps', "Did anyone hear the radio last night? I wrote this a long time ago to their music. There was 'Alive', and then 'Once', and then this song, and we didn't play it together until last night, and it kinda came out good so we're gonna try to play it right now". 



05/13/92 - Palladium: Hollywood, CA

Opening: Tribe After Tribe, Rage Against the Machine

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Improv/Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Improv/Once, Crazy/Porch

Encore: Garden, Rockin' in the Free World


                    Two more dates and Pearl Jam ended the California gigs. The first gig was at the historical Warfield Theater in San Francisco on May 15th. The last show in California was at the Catalyst on May 16th. After that Pearl Jam went to Portland to play a show at the Roseland Theater on May 17th. 'Angel' a song that would appear on the Xmas single 93 was played live for the first time with Dave playing guitar. "It's Dave's birthday and he's gonna play guitar for the first time in front of people ever...and usually when we play, I just let people know what's on my mind cuz, I dunno, it usually takes over. Tonight also is like the night that me and my girlfriend have been together for eight years. It's serious. It's probably the sole reason that I'm alive. But, ah, that's why I wanna stick around on earth. I don't ever wanna be an angel or nothin'. I wanna be right here with her and, ah, so let's try this song." 



05/15/92 - Warfield Theater: San Francisco, CA

Setlist: Wash, Once, Improv (Homeless/My Mama Told Me/You Tell Me), Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Improv (I Can't Explain)/Black, Deep, Jeremy, (Sympathy for the Devil), I've Got a Feeling, Why Go, Porch

Encore: Leash, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes and Quotes: When the band walked up on stage the crowd started yelling 'Eddie, Eddie' , which led Eddie to say "It's a band up here", before 'Wash'. "It's a warm-up, you're all friends up here now...are ready to go?", before 'Once'. "There will never be a ??? tonight...there never be ??? like there was in the late sixtees and seventies in San Francisco...it's a phenomenon that will never happen again...State of Love and Trust...now you've got to wear a condom...make sure you wear a condom...it's a life and death situation...you'll never be same...just make sure you're still Alive", before 'Alive'. Returning for the encore, Stone thanked the crowd for coming. On 'Ritfw' Cory Glover from Living Colour joined them onstage, and did a stage dive at the end. 


05/16/92 - The Catalyst: Santa Cruz, CA


05/17/92 - Roseland Theater: Portland, OR

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, Improv/Black, State of Love and Trust, (I'm Not Crazy)/Once, (Owner of a Lonely Heart), Happy Birthday, Porch

Encore 1: Suggestion, Garden, (School's Out)/(Outshined)/Leash

Encore 2: Angel, Rockin' in the Free World

Notes and Quotes: "Just the beggining", adressing the crowd for the first time before 'Even Flow'. "State of the Nation, State of the World, State of my fucking Dick...State of Love and Trust". 




05/19/92 - Melody Lane: Portland, OR



                    Pearl Jam's peculiar ethic first brought it at odds with Ticketmaster, which controls at least 90 percent of the American ticket market, during the 1992 Labor Day weekend, when the band staged a free concert for Seattle fans. Ticketmaster wanted to assess a $1 service charge for each free ticket it issued. 

                    "The first occurred in 1992, in connection with the "Drop in the Park Show", a free concert Pearl Jam arranged in Seattle. Pearl Jam paid for the costs of staging the free concert -- an amount in excess of $125,000 -- but was required for security reasons to limit attendance to 30,000 fans and as a result had to distribute tickets. Ticketmaster refused to distribute tickets for this free concert for less than a $1.50 per ticket service charge (a total of $45,000), requiring us to make other arrangements with the City of Seattle to distribute tickets", Pearl Jamīs Testimony before Congress regarding Ticketmaster on June 30th, 1994.

                    They were set to play a free concert at Seattle's Gas Works Park, unfortunately, five months of planning came to naught when, five days before the event, the City of Seattle Parks Department withdraw its permit. Pearl Jam's "growing popularity and lack of available police because of Memorial Day weekend" were cited as reasons, while official concerns were also raised about Pearl Jam's choice of support group, Seaweed, "a punk rock band."

                    Pearl Jam considered moving the show to the Gorge, an outdoor amphitheater in George, Washington, over an hour's drive from Seattle, but completly reorganizing the show in a different location would have been a nightmare on such a short notice. In the face of growing outrage, the city offered to reschedule the show for May 27th, at which time both Pearl Jam and Seaweed would be in Europe. On May 20th, the band held a press conference to announce the show's cancellation. Not to be defeated, Pearl Jam eventually erected a stage and skateboard ramp on private property in the Seattle suburb of Renton. Not only did Seaweed perform, but so did Seven Year Bitch.

                    "It was like, fuck the city. Fuck all the bullshit you have to go through to get a vibe going. It's a ridiculous situation and we still overcame it", Eddie Vedder.


                    Three months ago, Pearl Jam were expecting an audience of maybe 5,000 people at the show. A lot has happened in three months, however. Not least, Ten has already gone platinum in America, and the band's career has gone into overdrive. With hindsight, their success was probably inevitable. Ten, led by incendiary guitars, intricate, seductive melodies and Vedder's deep, soulful vocals, revealed a group steeped in American rock mythology. And Vedder -- impassioned, idealistic, and angry -- gave them a razor edge. What few predicted, though, was that things would happen quite so fast. Pearl Jam's rise has been meteoric.

                    So much so that when they arrived back in Seattle after three months on the road, their little homecoming shindig was showing all the signs of turning into a mini-Woodstock. Van loads of kids were shown on the TV news driving north from San Francisco. Most of Vancouver was coming south. A plane had been charted to bring fans in from Alaska. The city's parks department was now estimating a turn-out of more than 20,000. This was too much for Seattle's mayor, Norm Rice. Twenty thousand kids doing whatever 20,000 kids might do in the wake of Los Angeles riots (and Seattle's own subsequent outbreak of petty vandalism and assault) was enough to freak out the conservative old codger. Three days before the gig was due to take place, Norm and his cronies in the police, fire and parks departments forced the cancellation of the entire show.

                    "At a community level, they've essentially had the same impact as any of the major corporations in this area, I don't think as much about their music as I do about their activism", John Hoyt, president of Seattle public affairs firm Pyramid Communications, has been a friend of the band's since 1992, when the Seattle Parks Department withdrew the group's permit to perform a free concert at Gasworks Park.

                    "The first time I met Eddie Vedder was in early 1992, when I went to Seattle at the request of the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union to make a speech about censorship. Pearl Jam had asked for a permit to play in a local park, in order to do a free concert celebrating the success of Ten. That very day, the city fathers announced that the permit was denied on the grounds that too many people would probably show up (which is about as gross a violation of the First Amendment as you could find). At my lecture, a lengthy discussion ensued, with some very intelligent questions being asked by a young woman sitting with an equally young man halfway back in the auditorium. As the session drew to a close, the guy spoke for the first time. "I'm Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam," he said in his resonant baritone and thanked us all for thinking about the problem. He promised that the band would find a way to play the show (and it did take place, on Sept. 20, 1992, at Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle). The woman, of course, was Eddie's girlfriend, now wife, Beth Liebling, then working as a journalist, now in the band Hovercraft", Dave Marsh.



05/20/92 - Gas Works Park: Seattle, WA (canceled)



        "You know, a lot of work was put into it. We knew what we were doing. We knew we could easily deal with however many people turned up, but the Mayor and his people didn't agree. But it wasn't the NUMBER of people that bothered them, it was the TYPE of people -- 30,000 YOUNG people, 30,000 ALTERNATIVE people. They couldn't have been worried about riots, because this was gonna be a coming together of people for a positive reason. If anything, it would've overshadowed the riots. There was nothing negative about it, there were gonna be booths there so that people could register to vote and express their opinion. It was a Rock The Vote thing, you know?", Eddie Vedder.

        (Rock the Vote is a loose coalition of musicians and entertainers who are concerned that young people should register to vote before the forthcoming presidential elections.)


                    The last show before going to Europe Summer festivals took place in Vancouver on May 21th. The show was originally scheduled for the Town Pump but due to high ticket demand it was rescheduled for the Plaza of Nations. 


05/21/92 - Plaza of Nations: Vancouver, BC