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November 1992


Pearl Jam at the Bridge Benefit on November 1st, 1992



Stone performing at the Bridge Benefit 92                    On November 1st in Mountain View, California, they began a long and fruitful friendship with Neil Young, appearing at the Bridge School Benefit, a charity concert staged annually by Young to raise money for the high-tech school for the handicapped that his sons attend. Playing for a 18000 crowd, the guys played acoustic versions of Footsteps, Jeremy, Black, Alive, the then unreleased Daughter, Angel (Eddie and Dave) and I am a Patriot by Steven Van Zandt (performed by Eddie solo on guitar). After Footsteps Eddie quiped, "My parents told me I was conceived while listening to Neil Young," so it's "come full circle."  Eddie about 'Alive': "We weren't gonna play this next song but we thought here it might take on some new meaning." After Daughter, Eddie said, "We had to make a deal with the drummer 'cause we couldn't bring the whole [drum] set we'll let him play guitar on a song... Just like in the living room... This is Dave and we wrote this together it's uhh... about being able to get outside of your body". 


11/01/92 - Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountainview, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic)

Attendance: 18,000

Setlist: Footsteps, Jeremy, Black, Alive, Daughter, Angel (Eddie and Dave),  I am a Patriot by Steven Van Zandt (performed by Eddie solo on guitar)


                    "When our first record came out, I was shocked how many people related to some of that stuff. Something like 'Alive,' so many people dealt with death through that song. Like people dealt with the death of love through 'Black' and so many people dealt with suicide through 'Jeremy.' The kind of letters that got through to me about those songs, some of them were just frightening. It's just so fuckin' weird. You write about this shit, and you're suddenly the spokesman for a fuckin' generation", Eddie Vedder.