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April 1994


Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA                    By April 2nd, Pearl Jam arrived in Atlanta to play a two-night stand at the Fox Theater and do some recording for the follow-up to Vs. The 4500 seat Fox Theatre is one of the USA's prized concert halls -- a former movie theatre that offers the acoustics and intimacy absent in the usual basketball arenas. There was enough demand for Pearl Jam tickets to sell out the theatre for a week, and scalpers were asking $400 per ticket the night of the show. 


04/02/94 - Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA

Opening: King's X

Soundcheck: Rearviewmirror, Corduroy

Setlist: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(It's Better to Not be Sane)/(Talk about the Passion)/(WMA), Blood, Footsteps, Once, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Leash

Encore 1: The Kids are Alright, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Out of My Mind, Alone, Porch

Encore 2: Indifference

Notes and Quotes: During 'Deep', "Young Virgin from Atlanta". "Not everyone carried the weight of the World", sang Eddie during the 'Daughter' tag quoting REM's 'Talk about the Passion'. "Hey...We're talking today...[chiiiiii]...be nice and quiet, that's why we play in places like this...We're talking today about how music is kind of a [someone screamed Eddie]...Hey, I know my fucking name...if I knew yours, I'd tell you to shut up [laughs]...But...When I think about it...these guys...it was through...I knew them really well...before a song that was in a tape...there was just instruments on it...actually fell in love...you know...without even seeing them...but anyways the first thing that was written were these three songs...without even knowing these guys we kind of a wrote music together...and there was three songs...and I was talking about today with this guy because it's kind of a cool mini-opera...it's about birth, we all know about that...it's about incest, some of us know about that...and it's about murder, this guy knows all the answers...so it ends up with the guy's in a jail cell, you know he's a serial killer and he's been abused by folks and that's why he did those things to the people...so the last song he's in a jail cell, and that's where we're gonna start, we're gonna do a backwords tonight", before starting the Mamasan Trilogy in reverse order with 'Footsteps'. "We're switching songs around...While we're in the subject of love", before 'Solat'. "You guys take care, you've been great...Drop the Leash, Drop the Leash, Get out of my fucking face". "Thanks a lot, thanks for waiting for tickets...give us a few more minutes...we're gonna play a few more songs". Returning for the first encore, "Alright...I didn't write this next song, we didn't write this next song but...I've got permission to play it so...The only thing I've got back then was this guitar...So me and this guitar we're going to play a song", before playing a solo version of The Who's 'The Kids are Alright'. 'Out of My Mind' was played for the first time and was later released as a single on the flip side of 'Not for You'. "Yeah, these people are holding up a sign, we're just gonna play the song, so you could put the sign down...The song is called 'Alone'". "We'll see some of you tomorrow or you can always listen to us...you guys take care alright...Last thing I need to say you know...1,2,3,4", before 'Porch'. 




                        A nearly a month after the Paramount show in Denver, Pearl Jam gave its fans a gift in the form of a live broadcast from Atlanta's Fox theater April 3rd. Rather than align itself with a radio syndicator, the band -- with help from Epic, which footed the bill -- cut out the middleman and produced the show itself, commercial-free. The program cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. Unlike most radio network agreements the broadcast was non-exclusive. That meant that any station that wanted to could air the concert, including NPR outlets, Voice of America, and shortwave radio. More than 300 U.S. stations took the band up on the offer, including five in the New York area alone. Fans in attendance and the millions listening and taping at home would here a powerful two-hour-plus show. But probably the biggest surprise was the occurrence of a post-show DJ session with the band led by Eddie. This 45-minute session can be truly be looked back upon as "The first Monkeywrench Radio". During his deejay session, Eddie made reference to the unfolding crisis that few outside Seattle were aware of "Kurt  Cobain, hope he's all right. Please be all right". [Kurt Cobain escaped from the Exodus Recovery Center on April 1st, where he was staying for treatment. Nobody knew where he was]. 

                    "Thanks for letting us come into your houses and your cars and your ears (laughs) and uh, sorry about the mess. Sorry we left a mess. I'll see you guys later take care... bye", said Eddie at the end of his Deejay session.

                    Eddie's DJ Setlist: Cigarettes (King's X), I Only Play for Money (The Frogs), A Little Story (Daniel Johnson), Joy Without Pleasure (Daniel Johnson), Androgynous Mind (Sonic Youth), In the Blood (Mudhoney), Disconnect (Rollins Band), Baby Drop (Shudder to Think), Let Down Left Out Laughed At (Eleven), Dock of the Bay (PJ w/ Steve Cropper 3/26/94)


04/03/94 - Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA

Opening: King's X

Soundcheck: Go, Better Man, WMA (X2), Manic Depression (Jeff and Stone w/ King's X singer and drummer)

Setlist: Release, Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Even Flow, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II), Go, Animal, (Angie)/Garden, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive, Blood/(Not for You), WMA, Better Man, Elderly Woman, Rats, Satan's Bed, Once, 

Encore: Sonic Reducer, Porch/(Androgynous Mind), Indifference 

Notes and Quotes: During King's X set, Jeff joined them playing Jimi Hendrix 'Maniac Depression'. "Good evening...that goes out to everybody", said Eddie adressing the crowd and the fans via radio. "We dedicate that last song to our...the guy who...he works for us...his name is Keith, his gonna be...going off to jail so he got...six to nine months for abusing his inner child...oh...just cause you haven't been caught...Got a gun, fact I've got two, that's okay man, I love", before 'Glorified G'. After 'Animal', Mike strummed a few 'Angie' chords. At the end of 'Blood', Eddie added a few 'Not For You' lines. Doug Pinnick (King's X singer) helped Eddie on WMA. "Tomorrow morning, look into your history book and figure out why it's an important date to remember...tomorrow morning", at the end of 'WMA'. "That was kind of an experiment, we've never played that one live...maybe one time...I don't think it was very good the last time we played it...so with Doug's help, that was alright, thanks Doug...Doug from Kings X...So I think the radio broadcast means we should start fuckin' around now...they should be broadcasting, I guess...anyway we fuck around...this song, I don't think you've ever heard it...but it's a new song but it was written a long time ago...it's dedicated to the bastard that married my mama", before 'Better Man'. "Mike McCready in a nice top hat there...sweat cover beast in the back, whose name is Dave, Hi Dave...Stone Gossard wearing a pair of Jeff's shoes tonight...some velvet shorts he plays quite often...and off course me, I've been gaining weight, I'm about eight fifty now...but most important sporting a Rock for Choice t-shirt...Okay back to the music", before 'Elderly Woman'. At the end of 'Rats', Eddie added the 'Satan's Bed' chorus. "Okay we don't even know this song...fuckin' play it anyway, that's right", before 'Satan's Bed'. "We'd like to thank...we don't have to thank any sponsors [laughs]...there were no fucking sponsors...you put in a position people say you know...you're a role model now so you know...tell everybody what to do...don't be wrong...fuck that, I just said an example I guess...we personally as a Band have been amazed that this as all turned out like it as...even this radio thing have turned out the way it did...and so thanks to a guy named Arvillids...and Laura and Ron...and when we told the people listening how we looked, we should how you look too...you look great, thanks for coming, it's a beautiful place here, in Atlanta...Once upon a time", before 'Once'. "Thanks Goodnight". While Eddie left the stage, the guys continued and played for a few moments, with Stone remarking "Ladies and Gentlemen, Dave Abruzzesse", and Jeff quipping "Otherwise known as Four Feet". When Eddie returned they started 'Sonic Reducer'. Before 'Porch', Eddie said, "I think you won, but I enjoyed the fight," referring to a large banner handed to him, which read, "Eddie vs. Atlanta". During 'Porch', Eddie climbed the lighting rig above the stage, he stayed there through most of the jam. The beautiful 'Indifference' closed the set. 



04/06/94 - Civic Center: Springfield, MA

Attendance: 6,800

Opening: Mudhoney

Setlist: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/(Hate the Police)/(WMA)/(Androgynous Mind), Why Go, Deep, Rats, Last Exit, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive, Porch/(Hey Hey, My My)

Encore 1: Not for You, Blood, Yellow Ledbetter, Once, Out of My Mind, Improv, My Generation, Elderly Woman, Rockin' in the Free World

Encore 2: Spin the Black Circle

Notes and Quotes: "That's my name, don't fuck wear it out...this song is called 'Whipping'", after the crowd started chanting his name. "So how many of you got to hear us on the radio the other night?...[crowd cheers]...Really?...Oh, that's great than we don't have to do any of those songs then...this song it's for you", before 'Go'. "There's a letter up here...someone threw a letter who was it?...someone over here...uh, which says...Eddie Vedder only...shall we read it?...I can't do...[The crowd started chanting 'Read it, Read it']...it's kind of long, I hope you sit down gentlemen...Okay I'm reading it", before 'Glorified G'. The 'Hate the Police' 'Daughter' tag "Mommy, mommy look what you've done ; Mommy, mommy look at your son" is a song by The Dicks that Mudhoney used to cover. "Do you wanna smell me...Can't you smell me?...I can smell you...Oh, and I like it", before 'Rats'. "This is something you've never heard before, But I think it got such a really nice beat, that you will like it anyway...[Dave started the song, with Eddie saying]...See...", before 'Last Exit'. Right after the song, Stone said "Hey Brett, Happy Birthday...our Soundman Brett is having birthday tonight", and "It was Mike's birthday two days ago and nobody is saying Happy Birthday to him", said Jeff, and Stone remarked "But we finally did this morning". "So did you all go out and vote today?", before 'Black'. "I'm so glad we had this time together...I just want everybody in the back to know...I'm sure you are all beautiful people...you're probably not as tough as this people up front...plus they've been giving me gifts all night, thanks again...and one last thing, and this is a part that I don't want you to forget, 1,2,3,4", intro-ing 'Porch'. Returning for the first encore, "Quite a long you Massachurians...Massachussirians...['Throw things at him', said Stone]...I'll tell you what, I'll just stand back here...['Now what you've been done, now he's back there', said Stone]...Okay fuckers, we're gonna play music again...That's why we're here for...It's a new song, it was written just for you, even though it's called 'Not for You', here it goes...[Dave started the song while Eddie]...Don't throw things at the mic, you could hit me in the face, I'm not into that...Not tonight, okay honey?". "Shall we play some more?...Okay we'll stick around...I don't know what to play, what do you wanna play?...[many different songs screamed]...Okay you know how it works, one at a time...Okay we've got a winner", playing 'Yellow Ledbetter'. 'My Generation' from The Who had a slow start. "Why do you all stopped playin' the song?", said Eddie right after 'My Generation'. Returning for the second encore, "If you bought the record, thanks a lot...If you got it on LP, which means Vinly, which means a record...you could thank us...this song is called 'Spin the Black Circle', it's a love song". "You've been really good to each other, take care, goodnight".



04/07/94 - War Memorial: Rochester, NY

Opening: Mudhoney

Setlist: Wash, Animal, Go, Dissident, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II)/(Across the Universe)/(It's Better to Not be Sane improv), Breath, State of Love and Trust, Rats, Once, Black, Alive, 

Encore 1: Rearviewmirror, Corduroy, Release teaser, Elderly Woman, Jam, Porch, 

Encore 2: Indifference

Notes and Quotes: Probably the best '94 show. Just pick the tape and listen to this amazing performance. 'Wash' opened the set. "Good evening Rochester...It's nice to be here, it's nice to have you here...What do you do here, do you sleep?...Do you eat?...Do you fuck?...So you do things just like everybody else, right?...this song is called 'Even Flow'". "Okay so he spoke, what fuck did he say?...He says Fuck You, and Fuck You, Fuck You too, and Fuck this whole fucking world out there...and you know what...Living is your best revenge", before 'Glorified G'. The 'Daughter' tag was from the Beatles 'Across the Universe', "Nothin' is gonna change my World'. "This is a song called Breath...Breath and a Scream". Returning for the first encore, "Hey thanks from the bottom of our hearts...Figure why we've got so much attention, when we've been like an outcast all our lifes...I just got to tell you...I bet you could imagine...There's a good drive song, a good runaway song, there's a love song". "That's a song off our new album that comes out tomorrow...Actually, I'm selling it at my hotel room, you can come and get it tonight if you want...[screams]...I mean the record...If I'd be selling records at my hotel room tonight, Mike would be selling something else...let me switch guitars, hold on a second", after 'Corduroy'. "Let me toast you one more time from the whole band, you guys have been great", before 'Porch'. "We'll play one more", before closing the show with 'Vs' last track, 'Indifference'. "Goodnight, thanks a lot".   




                    Just before nine in the morning on April 8th, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his Lake Washington Boulevard House. He left a drug rehab center in Marina Del Rey California on April 1st, 1994 and was later reported missing. He left a note, with the following phrase concluding it "I don't have the passion anymore, and so remember, it's better to burn out than to fade away". The last line was a quote from Neil Young's 'Hey,Hey, my, my". The same day Kurt was found, Pearl Jam played a show at the Patriot Center in Fairfax. 

                    "I remember tearing up my hotel room in a complete rage when I found out [that Cobain had died]. We played that night [near Washington, D.C.], and I still question that. [Fugazi's] Ian MacKaye was there, and he offered to take me in that night. So I went to get my suitcase from the hotel, but I didn't have a key, so I had to go up with the maintenance guy to let me in the room. When he opened the door, I just looked at him and said, "You have to understand what happened today", Eddie Vedder.

                    "I have a hard time saying, because I don't know exactly what was going through his head at that moment or those two weeks or that month or that year. But I definitely have my own set of difficulties, of which I think there are many parallels. And I totally understand. When it happened, I was in a hotel room and somebody told me, and I just couldn't believe he did it, I couldn't believe he took the step. But I didn't think it was wrong, I just couldn't believe he did it. And I still can't. After it happened, I wrote him a letter and asked, "What's on the other side? And is there room for me?", Eddie Vedder.

                    "Any generation that would pick Kurt or me as its spokesman -- that must be a pretty fucked up generation, don't you think? I mean, that generation must be really fucked up, man, really fuckin' fucked up...", Eddie Vedder.

                    "People think you are this grand person who has all their shit together because you are able to put your feelings into some songs. They write letters and come to the show and even to the house, hoping we can fix everything for them. But we can't ... because we don't have all our shit together either. What they don't understand is that you can't save somebody from drowning if you're treading water yourself", Eddie Vedder.

                    "You know, I always thought I'd go first. I don't know why I thought that, It just seemed like I would. I mean, I didn't know him on a daily basis -- far from it. But, in a way, I don't even feel right being here without him. It's so difficult to really believe he's gone. I still talk about him like he's still here, you know. I can't figure it out. It doesn't make any sense", Eddie Vedder.

                    "We never talked about this but it's like you were saying although we were very different people, there was probably a lot we had in common. We had similar backgrounds, yeah, things that happened with our families and shit... I think that's something that comes out in what we wrote in our songs, definitely. It is kinda similar sometimes. But what makes it more similar is the way people responded to what we wrote and sang about, the intense identification. And I think it was maybe a shock to both of us that so many people were going through the same things. I mean, they understood so completely what we were talking about. And this was shit we thought only he and I were ever gonna have to deal with. Because we kinda wrote these songs for ourselves really. Then all of a sudden, there's all these other people who connect with them and you're suddenly the spokesman for a fuckin' generation. Can you imagine that! A... spokesman... for a... generation", Eddie Vedder.

                    "When will people understand the simple fuckin' fact that it's not success that's the fuckin' problem. It's a fuckin' honor that people love your music and buy your records and come to your shows. It's what happens when a lot of these people start thinking you can change their lives or save their lives or whatever and create these impossible fuckin' expectations that in the end just start tearing you apart. That's the problem. If that's success, fuck it. I'm outta here. The thing is, success on any level can be hard to deal with for most musicians. Why? Because you never really believe you're going to be successful. I mean, I've met very few musicians who truly believed they'd ever be successful on like a major scale. At least, very few that I've liked. If they thought they were going to be successful, they were probably some cocky fuckin' bastard I didn't give two shits about. So when you unexpectedly become more successful than you ever imagined, it can be something that's real heavy to deal with. And I think Kurt, he definitely had a lot of shit to deal with", Eddie Vedder.

                    "The thing is, we're not Madonna. And I don't mind mentioning the name because it's a good example and she'll be proud of the fact that I've even mentioned her. She's someone who manipulates the media, someone who has a new look and a new theme behind every performance. She orchestrates this kind of anticipation and she thrives on it. 'What's she gonna do now? Where's she gonna go next?' She loves the attention. And someone like that, look what they've had to do. They end up having to shock and strip and go as far as you can go. And I'm sorry, that's boring, so boring to me. I don't need that attention. I don't want that attention. And I don't think it's fair for anyone to criticize me or Kurt or anyone else for not wanting any fuckin' part of it. Because that's not why we got into this. We got into this because we wanted to be in a band, play music, make records. End of fuckin' story. The thing is, you'd think your ego would be massive, playing for all these people, having all these people sing your songs. The fact is, you never think you're that good. You don't feel like you deserve this kind of attention or adulation. And so what you end up feeling instead of this large ego is, you feel like you're worthless. You can't live up to the glorification and it makes you feel small and it makes you feel real shitty. Like, we get thousands of letters a week from people who want some kind of help. I've had people sending me notes saying they're going to commit suicide and I've called them up, and some of them, man, they're beyond help. But you're in this position where you start to think there must be something you can do, you know. So maybe I'm more tortured now, because I feel like there's more I should be doing. But you can't help everybody and if you say, 'Well, I'll help this person, but there's nothing I can do right now for that person,' it's even worse, because then you do start acting like God. Because there are so many people who deserve whatever help you can give them ", Eddie Vedder.

                    "It was tough... because all the things Kurt Cobain said we were guilty of, we were -- on some level. Kurt had us pegged in a lot of ways. Somebody from the outside can sometimes see the ugliness in our situation more clearly. He saw us in a way that was accurate to him. I can only say that I don't want... I don't think that I'm exclusively what he, at one point, claimed we were! Which was everything bad about rock music in terms of the music not coming first. Jeff and I have been very driven about wanting to be successful -- sometimes at the expense of a lot of people's feelings -- without even realizing it. Our wanting to get things done has ruffled a lot of feathers and stepped on a few toes. We're still learning how to live life and be true to ourselves and to our spiritual natures, and we've learned a lot of lessons. I feel bad that Kurt's not still writing songs, because he was brilliant and that guy could emotionally twang my heart strings. Every song that he wrote spoke to me", Stone Gossard.


04/08/94 - Patriot Center: Fairfax, VA

Setlist: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)/(American Pie), Even Flow, Breath, State of Love and Trust, Footsteps, Black, Alive, Porch/(Tearing)

Encore 1: Rearviewmirror, Corduroy, Not for You, Elderly Woman

Encore 2: Indifference, Rockin' in the Free World



                    The day after the Patriot Center show, Pearl Jam received an invitation to tour the White House. At ten in the morning on April 9th, Pearl Jam - minus Dave and Eddie who was at Fugazi's Ian MacKaye's house but would meet the group there - convened with Mudhoney, who were uninvited but had decided to tag along anyway, and headed for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Once inside the gate, they met up with Eddie and Kelly Curtis, who'd arrived a few minutes earlier, and were escorted inside. While the members of Mudhoney were being escorted through the Press Room and the Situation Room, Pearl Jam were ushered into the Oval Office for a personal audience with Bill Clinton. Later, when they got back to the hotel, Dave asked them what they'd talked about with the President and they said they talked about basketball. 

                    "The media was kind of trying to make Pearl Jam and Nirvana diametrically opposed to each other, like Nirvana's the real deal, Pearl Jam's the made-for-TV kind of band. Even Cobain was saying that. The biggest thing that really stuck out in our minds was we [Mudhoney] had a horrible time on the Nirvana tour. Cause it was just really unorganized and everybody was unhappy, crew members were being fired left and right, they were trying to tell us that we couldn't have beer backstage because they were trying to make it a dry tour. So then we were like, fuck, if that's what the Nirvana tour was like, what the hell's the Pearl Jam tour gonna be like? But we did it, and immediately it was such a better atmosphere. We were absolutely bummed for Nirvana, but God, they're having such a horrible time, everything sucks, ya know. And it shouldn't. Just watching Pearl Jam. The crew was really happy and really nice people, a lot of them are still with them today, since day one. It was just really pleasant, really fun. There were some skateboards, I remember skateboarding around with Jeff backstage. It really did change my perceptions of the whole thing. It just seemed like they'd actually worked for it and so they weren't going to pretend like they didn't want it. And they also weren't going to act like big stupid rock stars", Steve Turner (Mudhoney).  

                    After the meeting with Bill Clinton, Pearl Jam went to Boston to play three shows, two at the Boston Garden and one at the Orpheum Theater. The Garden shows sold out in an hour. As a deal sweetener when the band's contract had been negotiated for shows at the Boston Garden on April 10th, and 11th, Garden president Larry Moulter had promised them time on the fabled Celtics' court, and he'd sent out a memo announcing that the court would be down on April 12th for Pearl Jam's use. Unfortunately, the Boston Bruins never got the memo and arrived at the Garden that day for an important pre-playoff practice to find their ice rink covered by the Celtics' court and Pearl Jam happily immersed in a vigorous game of b-ball. [The Boston Bruins got barred from their practice rink on the eve of the NHL playoffs]. Some of the team opted to shoot hoops at the end of the court not occupied by Pearl Jam for their workout, and the rest repaired to a ice rink in Wilmington. The last gig in Boston was at the Orpheum Theater on April 12th. The setlist for this show was made up by the crew members. A lot of b-sides, new songs, and outtakes were placed on the setlist. 

                    A similar situation [Ticketmaster] like the Masonic show on March 19th, happened again over shows planned for April 10th and 11th at the Boston Garden and April 12th at that city's Orpheum Theater. When Ticketmaster pushed for a service charge between $3 and $4, Pearl Jam countered with a threat to stage another newspaper lottery. This time around, surprisingly, Ticketmaster was cooperative, not only lowering its service charge for the shows to $1.80, but even agreeing to contribute $.20 from each ticket, the same amount Pearl Jam had pledged, to a local charity, the New England Home for Little Wanderers.


Eddie on April 11th, 94, at the Boston Garden04/10/94 - Boston Garden: Boston, MA

Setlist: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, (Sweet Emotion)/Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)/(WMA), State of Love and Trust, Garden, Blood, Black, Alive, Porch

Encore 1: Once, Rearviewmirror, Not for You

Encore 2: Elderly Woman, Leash, Yellow Ledbetter

Notes and Quotes: "Hey,... I gotta admit, we got a lot on our minds.  It is tough to play. I personally felt we shouldn't play at all.  It is really very odd, it's just like that empty feeling.  It is alright to fade away and not to burn out". 'Blood' was dedicated to Kurt. 


                    "We had four shows left when I found out what happened in Seattle, and I didn't really think we should play the rest of those shows. So as it is, I'm gonna get through these shows - it seems like it's the best thing for us, the best thing for the people coming to see the shows. It's been healthy for all of us, though incredibly difficult. After that I or we as a band may not play for a very long time. As far as scheduling some monster tour or something, it's not gonna happen right now, because we need to protect the music and we need to protect ourselves", Eddie Vedder.



04/11/94 - Boston Garden: Boston, MA

Setlist: Release, Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, State of Love and Trust, Breath, Blood, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My), Why Go, Hold On improv/Jeremy, Even Flow, Black, Alive, Porch/(Tearing), Rats, Immortality, Corduroy, Garden, Leash

Encore: Rockin' in the Free World, Happy Trails, Indifference

Notes and Quotes: The following day at the same arena, MTV shot some live footage and a pre-gig interview with Eddie and Jeff. About Kurt, he sang - during 'Daughter' - a snippet from the Neil Young song with the line Kurt quoted in his suicide note, "better to burn out than to fade away, but Eddie sang, "better not to burn out than to fade away". 

04/12/94 - Orpheum Theater: Boston, MA

Setlist: Oceans, Even Flow, Sonic Reducer, State of Love and Trust, Hard to Imagine, Immortality/(Hey Hey, My My), Go, Animal, Glorified G, Daughter/(Suck You Dry), Alone, Not for You, Better Man, Rats, Blood

Encore: Release, Tremor Christ, Once, Fuckin' Up, Dirty Frank, Yellow Ledbetter, instrumental jam, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, I've Got a Feeling/jam

Notes and Quotes: Before 'State of Love and Trust', Eddie confirmed that they were going to play things they hadn't played for a long time and things one might have never heard before "This is the second to the last night of this fucking tour. Play New York and we are going home. We would like to thank our crew, speaking of 'Rats.' You should also thank the one who made the setlist tonight, cause somebody else made it. This is a fucking awesome place you live in. Lots of history. It is definitely one of the places I want to live. I was talking to someone last night.  He said, 'fucking Boston, just a bunch of rich college motherfuckers, spoiled, rude, negative attitudes towards women'.  I wanted to argue with him, but I just don't know, I only come for a few days.  I don't know..." 



                    Pearl Jam appeared on "Saturday Night Live," the massively popular American comedy show on April 16th. They played three songs, the then unrecorded "Not For You," "Rearviewmirror" and "Daughter," which ended with Eddie fading out with a quote from Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)," the song that inspired the "it's better to burn out than fade away" reference in Kurt's suicide note. "Rock'n'roll will never die,There's more to the picture than meets the eye..." Before the show's final credits rolled, the program's regular cast and special guests, including Pearl Jam, lined up with that week's celebrity host, Emilio Estevez. Emilio, in an attempt at some kind of peculiar bonding, tried to embrace Eddie who was standing next to him, looking over his shoulder into the camera. Eddie seemed to wince at Emilio's luvvie clutch and shrugged him off. Turning full onto the camera, he peeled open his jean jacket. There was a large "K" scrawled on his T-shirt, just above his heart. Eddie, you knew, had not taken Kurt's death lightly. He had, literally, taken it to heart, to an extent that you worried immediately about the effect it might have had on his own troubled soul.


04/14/94 - Saturday Night Live Rehearsals: NYC, NY (rehearsal)

Setlist: Not for You, Daughter/(American Pie)/(Hey Hey, My My), Rearviewmirror


04/16/94 - Saturday Night Live: NYC, NY

Setlist: Not for You, Rearviewmirror, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)


                    "Even last night, after we played on 'Saturday Night Live,' there was this incident, something that was totally fuckin' violating to me. Something I could not control happened and suddenly we're in this huge thing, and I'm going 'Jesus fuckin' Christ, after all I fuckin' do, you know, and still somebody is not happy. They want more.' "You know I've thought about this a lot, and I'm not giving any more. Like, just a few days ago, there's some kid and he wants his picture taken with me and I just didn't feel up to it. It didn't feel right. And he's going, 'Come on, come on, let me get my picture taken with you. I gotta get my picture taken with you.' And I'm like, 'I'm sorry, man, I can't do it. I'm having a really tough time these days. Like, we just lost Kurt, like three days ago, man. I'm all fucked up.'" "And he's just not listening and he's going, 'I should tell you, man, Kurt posed with me, man...,' and I just said, 'Yeah, and look where he is now, look where it fuckin' got him, man.' I mean, what is this kid doing, you know. Collecting our fuckin' heads? And you know this kid, he's going to be doing the same thing next week with Bon fuckin' Jovi or somebody. "You know what I really need right now?" I need to know what people want from me. I feel like there are all these contradictions about what people want, you know. And in the end they want too much. They want you to be a leader. They want you to be a victim. They want your fuckin' soul. They want everything. And some of them, they don't give up, they're relentless. And why should I care? I shouldn't even fuckin' care, man. I should be strong enough to say, 'I don't give a fuck. Fuck you all, I don't give a fuck, you fuckin' bastards.' "And then I'd really be a spokesman for a generation. Because there are a lotta people out there, man, going, 'Fuck this fuckin' shit. Fuck it.' They're ignorant and they're happy and they don't give a fuck about anything. I see a lotta people out there, man, and they're beyond fucked up. So maybe I should care a little less about them, because it looks like they don't care about me"
, Eddie Vedder.


                    The official tour itinerary pegged Pearl Jam's April 16th appearance on "Saturday Night Live" as the finale to the band's wildly successful six-week U.S. tour. Supporting its 1993 release, Vs., Pearl Jam's 26 shows routinely sold out in minutes, sometimes in single-digit minutes. At the last moment the band announced a Sunday (April 17th) show at New York's Paramount Theatre. Local fan club members were given the first shot at tickets. The move was characteristic of the band's response to the challenge of balancing their enormous success with delivering what they think loyal fans deserve, access and reasonably priced music. As the band's manager, Kelly Curtis, explains, "Pearl Jam's members were themselves the kids standing in line for concert tickets not so long ago". But once again, Ticketmaster emerged as a killjoy. According to Pearl Jam, Fred Rosen wasted no time in threatening the Paramount's promoter with a lawsuit over the alternative ticket-distribution method Pearl Jam had devised for the show. 

                    "I've never in my 20 years seen an act this sensitive to their fan base", Harvey Leeds, VP of promotion at Epic.

                    Pearl Jam used Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' as the intro tape to the final night of their American spring tour, organized especially for the Ten Club members. Remaining tickets were distributed to New York radio stations. This extra gig was held at the Paramount Theater on April 17th, which is located inside Madison Square Garden, and can held 5500 people. Outside the venue, scalpers offered tickets up to $700 a piece. 

                    "In New York, where we played a show at the Paramount Theatre in April of this year, we tried to distribute some tickets over the radio. Using a city-wide promotion, tickets were sold through the Paramount Box office. Here again, we were informed that Ticketmaster threatened the Paramount's management with legal action for supposedly allowing us to evade Ticketmaster's exclusive rights", Pearl Jam Testimony before Congress regarding Ticketmaster on June 30th, 1994.

                    "This could be our last show in fuckin' forever as far as I'm concerned. Kurt's death has changed everything. I don't know if I can do it anymore. I don't know where we go from here. Maybe nowhere. I think this is going to be the last thing for a long time. I'm just gonna live in a fuckin' cave with my girlfriend. I don't think I'll be showing my face for a while. I don't think I'll be making any fuckin' videos. Maybe we'll eventually do some shows or something, I just don't know. I'm having a real tough time right now. This is the last night of the tour, and I don't know how we've got through the last week. It's been so fuckin' hard, man. So hard. And tonight, you know, it's just going to be so... so weird. Right now, that's pretty much how I feel, But who knows? Right now, I've just got to get back to Seattle, sort out a lotta shit. I've got to sit down and figure out where to go from here. Everything's just so fuckin' weird, I've got to work it out", Eddie Vedder.

                    "Fuck it fuckin' all, You know, all these people man, all lining up to say that his death was so fucking inevitable... well, if it was inevitable for him, it's gonna be inevitable for me, too, if this continues. That's why this could be our last show in fuckin' forever as far as I'm concerned. Kurt's death has changed everything. I don't know if I can do it any more. See, people like him and me, we can't be real. It's a contradiction. We can't be these people who just write these real songs. We have to live up to the expectations of a million people. And we can't do that. And then there's a cynical fuckin' media on top of that. Fuck that, fuck 'em. All along the line, they question your fuckin' honesty. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, they think it's an angle. They think it's all a fuckin' game. Because that's all they're used to. That's what they think it is, a fuckin' game. They don't know what's real and what isn't. And when someone comes along who's trying to be real, they don't know the fuckin' difference. So if you say, 'No, I'm not playing your fuckin' game. I want out... I'm not doing this, I'm not doing that...,' they still think you're part of it. They just can't accept that you don't want to be part of it, that you were never part of it. They just think it's an angle. Some kind of fuckin' angle. And that makes it so hard for somebody who's just trying to be honest. So fuck it", Eddie Vedder.


Pearl Jam at the Paramount Theater, New York on April 17th04/17/94 - Paramount Theater: New York City, NY

Attendance: 5,500

Opening: Mudhoney

Setlist: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/(Tonight's the Night), Why Go, Jeremy, Alone, Garden, Footsteps, State of Love and Trust, Satan's Bed, Blood, Not for You, Elderly Woman, 

Encore: Sonic Reducer

Notes and Quotes: "Live from New York it's Sunday night...this next song is about, you probably don't know what its about, cause you live in New York city and probably there's no guns here", before 'Glorified G'. During 'Daughter', Eddie added lines from Neil Young's 'Tonight's the night' [the title track of the album Young recorded as a raw rock verity tribute to two of his own close friends -- Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry -- both of whom died of heroin ODs at the height of Neil's popularity in the Seventies]."I should just warn ya that I going to say Fuck about 8 times in the next thirty seconds...[there's a huge cheer from the crowd]...Wow...it's like we almost didn't have to play songs we could just stand up right here and say fuck, it's a lot easier on the throat...this is the last night of the tour, I don't give a fuck about my throat,  about that last song, if you just feel like saying fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, I'm the fuck out here, living is the best revenge", before 'Alone'. A female fan, started screaming "I love you, Eddie", which Eddie commented "Aww, that's sweet. I love you too, you don't know me, if you knew me you wouldn't love me, You don't love me. You love who you think I am and the image you have created in your mind. You can't love me cause I'm already in love. Did you know my ten year anniversary with my girlfriend, Beth, is next month? That is the longest relationship of anyone in the band, unless you count Stone and Jeff". Returning for the encore, Mark Arm from Mudhoney sang a few lines of 'Sonic Reducer' while Eddie was drinking Heineken Beer. At the end Eddie carried Arm offstage on his back Matt Dillon and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) appeared at the aftershow party.


                    "I don't know how we've got through this last week. It's been so fuckin' hard, man, so hard. For a number of reasons, I didn't want to continue this tour, Kurt's death being one. But we decided to pull together, make it through this last week and then forget it for a while", Eddie Vedder.

                    "It's the same with organizations. We're constantly getting letters asking us to do this or do that. And they're good causes. But they can't even show them to me any more. Because they know I'll let my innards be scooped out. I'll have nothing left. And people have advised me on this. They've said, 'What you're doing musically, don't jeopardize that. The music is something everyone can get something out of, and you shouldn't be required to do anything more. And if you put everything into that, then that's helping more people than you could ever imagine.' "And I've come to realize that these people are probably right. Because if you get lost in these individual situations and circumstances, if you get too drawn in, you can lose control of your own life and where you're going. And then you really would be worthless as far as making music and in the end you need to protect that. So as far as all these cries for help go, it's easy to hear and easy to take in. But it's almost impossible to do anything. And that may be really fuckin' hard to accept, but it's the sad fuckin' truth", Eddie Vedder.


                    During its 94 tour, Pearl Jam: kept pre-service charge ticket prices at $18, sold concert T-shirts for $18, Played surprise small venue shows where fan club members got first dibs on seats, refused to sell limited-view tickets, bought its own satellite time and offered a live concert broadcast, available to any interested stations, and worked out, on one occasion, a deal with TicketMaster so that fans did not need credit cards to buy Pearl Jam concert tickets. The band declared that it would appear only at venues where its tickets were priced at $18, ticket-distributor service charges were $1.80 or less [Although initially wanting to hold the line at $1.80, Kelly Curtis was willing to give a little in negotiations with the ticket broker. "We would have settled for $2.25,"] , and the tickets would have no advertisements printed on them. (Ticketmaster routinely sells display-ad space on its tickets and pockets the revenues).

                    "We thought four bucks was too much for an $18 ticket, it doesn't cost them any more to print a concert ticket than a circus ticket", Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam Manager).

                    "After the conclusion of our winter tour, we began to plan for a tour this summer. In attempting to arrange that tour, we made it clear that we would only perform if the service charge imposed on our tickets was limited to 10 percent and was separately disclosed. Ticketmaster responded by spreading the word to promoters that it viewed our efforts as a threat to its business and urged promoters to refuse to deal with Pearl Jam", Pearl Jam Testimony before Congress regarding Ticketmaster on June 30th, 1994.