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July 1995


                    0n July 6th, the Justice Department dropped its investigation; analysts believed that because venue owners and promoters willingly entered into the exclusive contracts, the Justice Department had no choice but to clear Ticketmaster.

                    "Eventually they came out with a press release that basically said, "The Department of Justice has ceased its investigation of Ticketmaster. No further investigation will take place." That was it, after a year of struggle. It was really amazing to be right up close and get absolutely stomped on by a huge corporate entity", Eddie Vedder.

                    "We haven't lost anything because we've learned from the experience. There's no way that we, personally, could have lost. It wasn't a chess game. It was basically a case of our trying to be responsible to the people who come to see the shows, in the same spirit as us making sure that we have a good barricade, to seeing to it that the T-shirts are sold at reasonable prices. Basically, it's showing respect to the fans. And, it's safe to say, a lot of these people- those who either run Ticketmaster or the arenas, or the promoters- haven't attended a show as a regular concert-goer in years. And that's for the record", Eddie Vedder.

                    "We weren't trying to break their monopoly. The United States government was investigating Ticketmaster to see whether they were, in fact, a monopoly. They asked us to come testify, based on our experiences. So we turned into the poster boys for this struggle, because the media said: Pearl Jam has this fight with Ticketmaster. We never had any lawsuit or took any legal action against Ticketmaster as Pearl Jam. The U.S. government did; we just testified. Ticketmaster will charge an extra five dollars for a ten dollar, sold-out Jon Spencer Blues Explosion concert, or they'll charge someone three dollars to get into the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C., which is supposed to be free. Or they'll add an extra five to six dollars to a 20-dollar Pearl Jam ticket, because we're selling our tickets cheap and they know we're gonna sell-out",
Stone Gossard.

                    "It's not over. There are a lot more ticketing companies out there now, and we certainly have many options in a lot of cities where we can tour. We can definately go out and do a non-Ticketmaster tour. For us to play all the cities that we really like to play, we'd probably have to do a Ticketmaster show or two, but that's a small price to pay for the fact that we can really go out and do almost an entire U.S. tour without having to deal with them. Maybe at some point...you never know when a seed you plat might blossom into something worthwhile. So as far as assessing the overall impact of the whole thing, we'll see what it is when we're done being a band", Stone Gossard.


                    On July 8th and 9th, Pearl Jam performed at the Marcus Amphitheater for a 24,000 crowd. Security permitted cameras into both shows. There was no pit at this venue—seats were bolted down. After 'Whipping' Eddie speaked for the first time, "Welcome...Glad you could make it...I gotta tell ya, my stomach hurts like hell right now...I think I got Cryptosporidium," a reference to a cryptosporidium outbreak in the Milwaukee water system in the early 90s. 



07/08/95 - Summerfest: Marcus Amphitheater: Milwaukee, WI

Attendance: 24,000

Opened: The Frogs, Bad Religion

Setlist: Oceans, Go, Animal, Even Flow (song stopped), Corduroy, Whipping, Better Man, Dissident, Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Tremor Christ, Jeremy, Daughter/(Stepping Stone), Improv, State of Love and Trust, Black, Not for You, Immortality, Alive, Blood/Improv, I Got Shit, Rearviewmirror, Yellow Ledbetter

Encore: Forever in Blue Jeans [with Lightning and Thunder, - Neil Diamond cover act], Porch  


07/09/95 - Summerfest: Marcus Amphitheater: Milwaukee, WI

Attendance: 24,000

Opened: The Frogs, Bad Religion

Setlist: I Only Play for Money (EV w/ The Frogs), Act of Love, Go, Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Not for You, Why Go, Jeremy (original, teaser), Deep, Daughter/Improv (This is How I Feel)/(ABitW-II), Jeremy (new), Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Lukin, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Black, Alive, Blood

Encore: Star Boy, Little Wing/Maggot Brain, Better Man, Porch  

Notes and Quotes: Eddie dressed with a silver jacket joined The Frogs during their set singing on 'I only Play for Money'. "Hey, feels like a good night...We didn't get the band together, all crew and all these speakers to come up here, it better be a good night...Was anybody here last night?...You're fucking liars cause I remember everyone from last night...Don't lie to me...But anyways we...I actually want to clarify this next song before we play it cause, people always seemed to mention this and articles and stuff, that this song is apparently ment to, is directed towards the fans and people who listen to our music and that we were tryin' to alienate everybody including you...So before we play it I just want you to know that this song is Not for You unless of course you're a tabloid journalist or if you're from MTV or you're a bootlegger or someone who wants to make money selling tickets...Fuck You, this is for them", adressing the crowd for the first time before 'Not For You'.  After 'Why Go', Jeff started 'Jeremy', which was stopped by Eddie sayin' "No, no...We'll do it later or something...Yeah like any of us haven't heard that song enough times". "Hey, good singing...Okay we're gonna try this...We know you're gonna sing it", before playin' the new slower version of 'Jeremy'. "This is a request", before 'Elderly Woman'. "It's been a pleasure playin' for you...Don't let anyone call you Generation Xr's, that's bullshit...Generation X, they could call you Generation W, cause you're asking questions...better Generation Z, falling asleep, you guys take care, this one is the last song...[Boooooo]....Cmon'", before 'Blood'. Returning for the encore, Eddie played 'Star Boy' with Jimmy from The Frogs, "That was Jimmy from The Frogs...How about a big hand for The Frogs...And please thank Bad Religion too, for playing like a magic kiss...Rock on Chicago, Rock over London...That's our friend Chad playin' drums on a song called Maggot Brain". Intro-ing 'Maggot Brain', Mike Fucking McCready started Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing' which was unbelievable [Note: This show is worth hearing, at least for Little Wing/Maggot Brain --- Play it Loud!!!!! --- Mike McCready fucking rules]. The Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith helped on drums during the song. "Let's hear it for Chad Smith", said Stone after 'Maggot Brain'. "A couple of more", before 'Better Man'. "We'll see some of you in Chicago, see some of you next time but I don't know when...take care of yourselves, Okay?", closing the show. Mike after the Milwaukee shows was hospitalized due to dehydration and exhaustion.



                    On July 11th at the Soldier Field in Chicago, photographers were denied access. At 8:50 PM tribal drums boomed out over the loudspeakers and as the sun began its final descent Pearl Jam finally took the stage to the strains of a droning 'Release'. After 'Corduroy' Eddie finally acknowledged the crowd. After a snippet of Hendrix's "Little Wing," Eddie again speechified by leading the crowd in a "Ticketmaster Sucks" chant, which quickly degenerated into a "Fuck Ticketmaster" chant. The band ended the main set with Eddie standing on the shoulders of the security guards, inches away from the mosh pit, with his arms raised on 'Porch'. 


                    "If it's not fun this time, then it can't be, I really want people to know about that Soldier Field show that it's not gonna be this big thing. It's gonna be about music", Eddie Vedder.

                    "I had a great time in Chicago. That last show, that's close enough to something I can remember very clearly. The Soldier Stadium on last year", Stone Gossard.


Soldier Field, Chicago07/11/95 - Soldier Field: Chicago, IL

Attendance: 47,000

Opened: Otis Rush, Bad Religion

Setlist: Release, Go, Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Whipping, I Got Shit, Dissident, Even Flow, Improv/Sick o' Pussies, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(This Boy)/(The Real Me)/(W.M.A.)/(ABitW-II), Animal, Habit, Jam/Lukin/Tommy, Not for You, Little Wing (teaser), Elderly Woman, Immortality, Alive, Porch

Encore 1: Everyday People, Let My Love Open the Door, Better Man, Rearviewmirror, Black, Blood

Encore 2: Yellow Ledbetter  

Notes and Quotes: "So this is alright, how you're doin'?...We actually played here last night when it was all empty, and I thought it was gonna be more fun but this is alright...I don't think we should play another note until we thank the Grateful Dead for letting us use their stage, they left it for us...There were still joints left on it from Saturday...So we think it's only right that we play as long as they do...We're just gonna play a bunch of songs for ya, keep playin', have a good night outthere alright", adressing the crowd for the first time after 'Corduroy'. "Everyone doin' okay outthere?...What's it like on the side, can you hear okay?...Are you alright?...There's some fancy people up in the sky box they're blinking to us, sending a message from up there...[Booooo]...No you don't have to get angry, cause life as a way of working it self out...Think about this for a second...These are the rich fancy people right, they've got all the luxury right?...Looks to me like their the farthest ones away from the stage and their behind a fucking window...[laughs]...This song is about a habit, and it's called 'Habit', it's a new one I hope you like it, here it goes". "Speaking as a child of the nineties", the 'Habit' line. "You know I grew up here...I don't know about you...I never saw a Football game here...I never saw the Bears play here...And it's not that I'm against supporting a losing team, I'm totally into that...Cause again if you hang in there long enough you get your day and it's even better...You had your day like ten years ago, you had it, you remember...No I never came here as a kid cause we couldn't afford tickets...And today we were all watching Otis Rush...It was just a beautiful day...I was just into it...And then there was all these flying bugs with banners, with radio stations laying messages in the back, fuckin' up the view...I'm against guns and military spending but a big piece of something would've been great, right about them...Anyway, one of the radio stations, they said they'd had a two hour Pearl Jam show afterwards, well if you listen to 89.1 we've got a radio station out of our van, in the back...get the real shit...I think we're broadcasting right now this whole show out of the van to Chicago...All the people who couldn't get in, or thought it was gonna suck cause it was such a big place, fuck'em...I understand...I know where they're coming from...But you know I guess there's a big billboard that it's fucking everywhere that says 'Something, something This is Not for You'...The joke's not them cause it's not for them", before 'Not For You'. After the song the crowd started chanting 'Ticketmaster Sucks', with Eddie singing with them, "It's up to you guys, we've tried a bit, we went for it...That whole thing, I don't know...kind scary...I hate to thing that that's the way for the future, where corporate giants who...I don't know...some of them just can't be toppled I guess...But you talk about voting or whatever, you're a consumer, you vote everyday...Oh God now you've got me fucking depressed thinking about that shit...The whole band was over that fucking thing, we were just movin' on...We didn't get a lot of support from other bands on that thing, there was a few...but most of them were kind of scary to get in the ring...But I've got to say, it seemed like a lot of people were behind us, and for that we appreciate it...Okay, to much talking", before 'Elderly Woman'. Returning for the first encore, "Alright, let's workin' out...it's a lot of work to get into this point so we'd stick around for a bit...It took us a minute to figure out what we wanna play...probably weird shit", playin' afterwards 'Everday People' [Sly and the Family Stone] with Brendan O'Brien on keyboards. During 'Rearviewmirror', Eddie destroyed his black Telecaster featuring the "skateboarding is not a crime" bumpersticker, smashing it against his mic stand. "We've got a couple of birthdays today, or actually yesterday...We've got Jeff Houselick who's Mike's tech, he's the sweetest man you'll meet in your whole life", said Stone, with Eddie adding "That guys name is Jeff, evertime he...He tours with us for a while, prepars all the guitars that Mike breaks...Feeds us all coffee, and soon he's done he goes right to Jamaica and smokes big fat joints...So pretty much everyday is his birthday...And then I got three little brothers...just brothers...Michael's birthday was yesterday, Jason's birthday is today, I don't if he's here...everyone scream out Happy Birthday Jason...[The crowd sang Happy Birthday]...pretty good, thanks...And anybody else in the crowd, that if it's your birthday...it's like Danny's you know...If it's your birthday get a free t-shirt...Stone's gonna play", before 'Black'. Returning for the second encore, "Hanging in there, through this whole aborted and reincarnated tour has been Bad Religion...please make as much noise as you can, to make them know how you feel...It's been very important for them to be here, for us...and Chicago's Otis Rush, the man who'd named the Rush street...We will be alright...Okay here's one", closing the show with 'Yellow Ledbetter'. "Thanks a lot Chicago, we will cya next time". 

After the band's July 11th makeup gig in Chicago they quietly booked for a week a local studio with producer Brendan O'Brien and began laying down tracks for what would become No Code

                    "I missed two games [Cubs]...uh...we did some recording here...uh...12 hours a day but I'd still make it to the games. I like hangin' out...in the bleachers there....I don't like these interviews, I hate them...I don't know, I really can't think when there's a microphone in front of me...ah...It's all right...of course its all right. There's all kinds of memories and...ah...I like the good memories, there's a lot of stuff I just want to let go of but...this is...uh...this is a good memory. It's nice to come out here, it was nice playing Soldier Field when it was empty, it was nice the night before the crowd came in, it was nice playin' with everybody. You know I just hope everyone had a real good time. We just...it's a lot of work to put on shows these days and, uh, it's all about a simple thing which is music and volume and, uh, it should be easy and hopefully it was fun", Eddie Vedder.

                    "The theory is that rather than meet up after you've been away for two months and don't recognize each other, you go in while everyone's fingers are flexible and our voices are warm", Eddie Vedder.

                    "With No Code, we made time while we were on tour to stop into studios in different parts of the country. I think the original idea for "In My Tree" was recorded in Chicago. we were more on-the-fly during the making of No Code, and some good thing happened out of that, but we were also really tired. It was difficult to tour and play these shows that were two or three hours long and then force ourselves to produce something in a studio. Still, a lot of my drumming ideas got embraced and everybody was real supportive of each other", Jack Irons.


                    In late July more dates were added for the tour: Wednesday, Sept. 13 in Phoenix, AZ;  Thursday, Sept. 14 in Las Cruces, NM; Saturday, Sept. 16 in Austin, TX; Sunday, Sept. 17 in New Orleans, LA.