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November 1995


                    "I believe we've met before. We're gonna make good on our promise, so relax and we'll play for you", Eddie adressing the crowd at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City on November 1st, four months after a freezing rainstorm which forced Pearl Jam to cancel two shows at the Wolf Mountain hillside. Pearl Jam promised to play twice as long, and they kept their promise. The band all came out in Halloween costumes, Eddie, was some alien with a huge head and huge hands, and he waved to the audience. Jack had on a latex ugly-man mask,  Mike was the devil,  Stone kept his "costume" on the longest -- a blue latex skull-cap with a shark on it. After 'Spin the Black Circle' Eddie looked out in the audience a few rows and said "I see a picture of myself out there (Someone was holding up an Eddie pull-out from Hit Parader or something) Halloween was yesterday. Quit trying to scare me." The kid put it away.. At one point, Eddie came out with a bunch of packs of Camel Light cigarettes and started hurling them to the crowd. Before the show, you could tune your radio to 89.5 FM and listen to Eddie and other DJs spin their favorite bands on MonkeyWrench Radio. Before the Fastbacks took the stage, MonkeyWrench Radio played to the crowd of around 10,000. 


11/01/95 - Delta Center: Salt Lake City, UT (review)

Attendance: 9,000

Opened: The Fastbacks

Setlist: Go, Animal, Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Not for You, Lukin, Improv, Elderly Woman, Deep, Dissident, Daughter/(Pulled Up), Even Flow, Rearviewmirror, I Got Shit, Whipping, Immortality, Alive, Black, Blood

Encore: Red Mosquito, Better Man, Leaving Here, Footsteps, Porch

Notes and Quotes: "Okay, relax, get comfortable", adressing the crowd for the first time before 'Corduroy'. "This is a song we've learned off an old '50s jukebox", before 'Even Flow'. During ' Blood' Eddie started banging on the cymbals with the mic. stand...then, after he got bored with that, he started slamming it against the stage like it was a pick axe or something. Then he jumped off the stage and walked along behind the barrier giving people five and shaking hands...then, much to surprise...he went over the barrier and into the audience. 'Red Mosquito' premiered at this show, a song that would appear on 'No Code'. "This next song is about girls and boys...So I guess it means you...It's about girls leaving boys...It's about girls going 'Fuck You'...We're outta here...It's not nothing against the boys, it's just a reminder to the boys...Be romantic, take them to a show", before 'Leaving Here'.     



11/02/95 - Delta Center: Salt Lake City, UT

Attendance: 9,000

Opened: The Fastbacks

Setlist: Release, Even Flow, Last Exit, Animal, Dissident, Not for You, Rearviewmirror (w/ Who teaser), Better Man, Go, Glorified G, Daughter/(Improv)/(W.M.A.), Deep, Jeremy, (Wish you were here)/Corduroy, Lukin, I Got Shit, Brain of J, Black, State of Love and Trust, Porch

Encore: Sonic Reducer, Whipping, Leaving Here, Immortality, Yellow Ledbetter  

Notes and Quotes: Before 'Go', "Take a bottle, drink it down, pass it around". To introduce 'Deep', "Okay lemme take a guess... [Hand atop head] Here's you and here's your problems right about to here [raised other hand to eye level]...unless of course you're six feet six and here's your problems [hand up to neck]...or maybe your the same size as me and you're white and you grow up in Salt Lake and maybe your problems are only down here [raised hand to midriff]...But no matter where you are or who you are they always seem to go up and up [hand atop head and the other hand raised up from midriff to eyebrows]...that's what this song is about". Before 'Corduroy', Eddie strummed a few chords of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here', "Are you having a good night?...It's a lot different tonight than it was last night...It's something like tonight we're playin' for you and last night we were playin' for your parents...Feels good, let's keep going". 'Brain of J' premiered at this show, a song that would appear on 'Yield'. During 'Porch', Eddie got down before the front row, jumped up on the barricade, and fell into the arms of the crowd, belly down. He wasn't carried far before he was deposited on the barricade, where he stood, festooned with hands, to finish the song. For the encore, Eddie came onstage on a bicycle, as he did to open the show in Phoenix. However, this time the bike had a smaller tire in the rear than in the front, "Not time to leave yet". Intro-ing 'Whipping', "Here's another pretty one". "Well you guys hanging there...have been to a lot to try to get to this fucking show so thanks again for going through that...I mean it from the very heart that I keep inside my pocket here [hand over heart] and...If you could just make...I hate asking for this kind of stuff...But just make as must noise as you can to show your appreciation for The Fastbacks...Our neighbors, our heroes, our friends...Just keep the lights on Keith, thanks you guys...


                     Nov. 4th, Pearl Jam's sold-out San Jose concert  -- a makeup for the San Francisco incident. "So these are all the people that I would have seen if I could have lifted my head up in San Francisco", said Eddie midway through the show as the house lights came up. "I'm glad you could make it back". Eddie opened the show at 2 pm with the then unreleased 'Dead Man' "All I can say is my stomach feels great". During the Fastbacks' set, Eddie was behind the black screen on the right side of the stage (stage left). He was  wearing a white Fedora and just banging his head. Mike McCready sported an almost platinum blonde head of hair. He was taking polaroids of the Fastbacks during their set and was also visible on stage during Ben Harper's set. At 4.30 pm Pearl Jam walked out on stage. Eddie came out with a wine bottle, took one or two swigs, then tossed it into the pit. He did the same with water bottles a few times.  



11/04/95 - Spartan Stadium: San Jose, CA

Attendance: 35,000 [Sold-out]

Opened: The Fastbacks, Ben Harper

Soundcheck: Act of Love, I Got Shit, Red Mosquito

Setlist: Dead Man (Eddie Solo), Release, Even Flow, Last Exit, Animal, Dissident, Not for You, Rearviewmirror (w/ Who teaser), Elderly Woman, Go, Glorified G, Daughter/(Young Man Blues)/(W.M.A.), Deep, Jeremy, Corduroy, Lukin, I Got Shit, Spin the Black Circle, Red Mosquito, (So You Want to be a Rock 'n Roll Star)/Brain of J, Why Go, Black, Alive/(Voodoo Chile teaser), Blood

Encore: Leaving Here, Better Man, Immortality, Porch/Three Little Birds, So You Want to be a Rock 'n Roll Star, Indifference  

Notes and Quotes: "So these are all the people that I would have seen if I could have lifted my head up in San Francisco...If it weren't for the Who, then I never would have gotten into music...I'd be working at fucking Taco Bell or Del Taco...But I'd be the best damned drive through worker you ever seen...You've got me speechless...It doesn't happen very often", before 'Leaving Here'. After 'Immortality', Mike strummed a few chords from Alice in Chains 'We Die Young'. During 'Porch', Eddie climbed the speaker stacks and scaffolding. He just hang out up there for a while—he pointed to the moon then just sat down and wrapped his arms around the side of the ladder and just watched the crowd with a big smile. Then he climbed down and started doing some funky dancing on the speaker stacks. He was having a really good time. "Thanks again for all your faith...Appreciate it...I know if you have something to give to us...???...It makes me think that things might be alright", during 'Porch' in which he added the line "Everything is gonna be alright", from Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds'. "Shall we do another?...I think Ben Harper and Kim from The Fastbacks maybe could wanna play a song together here...let's see how it works out, we might have to rehearse for a second", before 'So You Want to be a Rock n' Roll Star'. "I'm sorry I can't just leave without saying thanks from the bottom of our hearts...In case you didn't noticed...Turn the lights down Keith", before 'Indifference'. "Love you a lot...See ya next year...Take care, goodnight".



                    The 95 Tour ended in San Diego where Pearl Jam played two sold-out shows (12000 people) at the San Diego Sports Arena, Eddie's hometown on November 6th and 7th. During the last San Diego gig. Mike was running around the stage during the Ramones, taking pictures of the crew with his Mr Potatohead.  A strange occurance was when Jeff came out and tried to photograph the Ramones, but the guard stopped him to see his pass. Jeff showed his all access pass, but since it wasn't a photographer's pass, the guard wouldn't let him in front of the stage.  Jeff seemed furious as he went backstage.  Before long, he came out with someone who could get him in the front. The guard, was taken out of the pit and put in the nosebleed seats. Eddie was not wearing the standard shit brown t-shirt tonight, he was wearing a white t-shirt with screen printed suspenders that said neil young and crazy horse. 


11/06/95 - Sports Arena: San Diego, CA

Attendance: 12,000 [Sold-out]

Opened: The Ramones

Setlist: Release, Animal, Last Exit, Even Flow, Dissident, Not for You, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Go, Tremor Christ, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Daughter/(This Boy)/(ABitW-II), Corduroy, Lukin/Whipping, Immortality, Alive, Black, Blood

Encore 1: Long Road, So You Want to be a Rock 'n Roll Star (short), Habit, Better Man, Leaving Here, Spin the Black Circle, Porch/(I'm One)

Encore 2: Indifference  

Notes and Quotes: "You know how hard it is...You know that on both sides of this little barrier here...both groups...this one...we have been through a lot to get into this room tonight...[The crowd started chanting Eddie]...None of that again, you're gonna embarras me in front of my mother...That's okay, thanks...Since we're here we're gonna play for awhile, so just stay comfortable and be friends", before 'Daughter'. The 'Habit' line, "Speaking as a child of the nineties". "What a sad fucking song, true story too...Do you wanna hear some guys news?...Of course it's not as excited as the bad news...Isn't that true?...Ever see a people rally around a spot of good news?...they can take some bad news and make it last for years, making jokes about it...like John Travelers 'Bad news travels like a wild fire, good news travels slow'...Anyways I've got good news and whether you wanna repeat it or not...We had a hell of a time with tickets for this whole of a deal...[The crowd started screaming Ticketmaster sucks]...Ticketmaster sucks, yeah...They've got you by the balls, so what are you going to do?...We should just go to their offices and scare the shit out of them...But we had faith, we thought we could do it by talking to the...follow the correct processes you know because otherwise you could get arrested...talk to your lobbies, go to the Justice Department...If you have enough money it seems that you can defend yourselves and get off...Oh yeah, back to the good news...Oh yeah, and then it was the cops in the north county...What Fuck...just leave us alone...They used to bust me for riding my skateboard in the Mall and now they don't let us put a show on...If it wasn't for them we wouldn't been playin' this show outdoors, under the sky and...Oh yeah, the good news...So, because it was at the Fairgrounds right?...the sale of your ticket, we adjusted our ticket price and they included, I believe maybe three, four dollars of each of your tickets so you could go ride the waves afterwards, did you know that?...Well, it was either to give free passes for next year or we could donate the money so I'll tell ya...With your approval we're gonna donate a large sum that comes out to $50,000 to Surfrider, who takes care of the oceans...So you could ride the waves...there's a Who song called 'Leaving Here'...a couple of guys from Surfrider are here tonight and they had any idea that I was going to say that...I wish I could see their faces", before 'Leaving Here'. "Turn out the lights Keith, let's check everybody out...just see what we have here...Hey, let's give a special thank you to The Ramones...and the biggest one goes to you...thanks a lot you guys...I appreciate it", before 'Indifference'. 



11/07/95 - Sports Arena: San Diego, CA

Attendance: 12,000 [Sold-out]

Opened: The Ramones

Setlist: Oceans, Go, Animal, Last Exit, Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Rearviewmirror, Better Man, Even Flow, Why Go, Deep, Red Mosquito, Glorified G, Daughter/(I Believe in Miracles)/(Touch of Grey)/(W.M.A.), Jeremy (new), Not for You, I Got Shit, Lukin/Whipping, This Boy (Eddie solo), Alive, Black, Blood

Encore 1: Spin the Black Circle, Leaving Here, I Can't Explain, Porch

Encore 2: Yellow Ledbetter  

Notes and Quotes: "Hello kiddies...Get comfortable we're gonna be here for a while", adressing the crowd for the first time before 'Corduroy'. "Hey, before they have to leave tonight, and while they're still in the room...There's some gentlemen standing in this side of the stage...Thank properly for coming here and share the evening with us...The Ramones...[C'mon it's the fucking Ramones...The Ramones - said Mike]", before 'Why Go'. "Glorified version of I hate this song", sang Eddie during 'Glorified G'. Experiencing tuning problems at the end of ' I Got Id', Eddie tossed his guitar and said, "New guitar, please! After all, I am a rock star". Eddie returned to the stage on a skateboard for the first encore, and Stone got a small fire going at the base of Eddie's mic stand, leading to the intro to Spin the Black Circle: "Thank You...This is a love song". "I'd just like to mention that over the last two nights, you and us have raised $50,000, and it's donated to Surfrider Foundation who saves the oceans...I also wanna say that we tried to play this song last night and we fucked it up real badly...We'd like to try one more time...This as been going really well...It's actually quite a tough song to play", before 'Leaving Here'. After the song, the band covered 'I Can't Explain' from The Who. Returning for the second encore, "We wanna thank you...I didn't had this many friends when I've left here so...It's nice to have them...Alright, we'll see you next time, one more song", before 'Yellow Ledbetter'. "San Diego, Surf city cya next year". Eddie did the call letters of 91x the way they're done by the station: in Spanish. 

                   "Looking back, I'm surprised they made it through. After the '95 tour, they took some time off", Karrie Keyes (PJ Sound engineer).