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October 1995


Eddie during the recording of Dead Man Walking with Tim Robbins, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Susan Saradon                    During this month [October], Eddie colaborated with 2 songs for the 'Dead Man Walking' Soundtrack. He re-recorded 'Long Road' (a song that appeared two months later on the Merkinball single) with Nusrat Fateh Ali-Khan, and 'The Face of Love'. He even made a song for the movie called 'Dead Man Walking', after talking with Tim Robbins (director). Tim already had a song with that title written by Bruce Springsteen and he has to use his because of a "seniority thing" so Eddie retitled the song 'Dead Man' (said Eddie two years later on the Dead Man Walking Benefit [Not in Our Name].

                    "Singing with Nusrat was pretty heavy There was definitely a spiritual element. I saw him warm up once, and I walked out of the room and just broke down. I mean, God, what amazing power and energy", Eddie Vedder.


Eddie - Ten Club Newsletter




Mike playing at the Lake Union Pub on October 15th, 1995                    After the Pearl Jam September shows Mike played in Bumrush, a punk band he formed with four friends including Pearl Jam official photographer, Lance Mercer. Mike was going by the name of Dr. Ed Assner while the other elusive members were known as Phelch Dunderhead, Vic Viking, Dick Ben Enya, and Vague Dogma. They were managed by Timothy Brent Flornouy. Their first show took place at the Lake Union Pub in Seattle on October 15th.


10/15/95 - Lake Union Pub: Seattle, WA