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 April 2000


                    The first single from Binaural which was scheduled to be released in May, was 'Nothing As It Seems'. On April 10th Pearl Jam invited fans to hear it at the bandīs web site. The single was released to radio on April 11th with the B-side "Insignificance." and to stores on April 25th. On April 12th, they performed 'Grievance' on the David Lettermanīs birthday at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. At the end of the song Mike smashes his guitar and Eddie presents it to Dave.

                    "It actually felt like we were offering them something fairly challenging. We obviously respect the audience, That's what I think we all feel when we're an audience, whether as a theatergoer or seeing films or reading. I'm insulted when I'm not respected as an audience member. That one, we felt like we could [release] and we weren't trying to fool people [about releasing Nothing as it Seems as a single]",  Eddie Vedder at the SoHo Mercer Hotel (Pearl Jam were in NYC, being interviewed that week for the Binaural album) 

                    Stone Gossard.

                    "I kind of pulled myself out of that decision a little bit, because I didn't feel like it was "my" song. I felt like I wasn't really allowed to have an opinion about it necessarily, or I was too close to it. And those guys thought it was a different enough song, and it would be a good song to put out there initially. I think Mike's doing some amazing stuff on it. Everybody's really excited about that part of it, and I don't think any of us expected for it to do as well as it's done, but I guess it's doing pretty well", Jeff Ament.



04/12/00 - Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY (The Late Show with David Letterman appearance)

                    The band stayed in NYC after the Letterman show to do two days of press for the new album at the Soho Mercer Hotel. Stone and Jeff were interviewed for the MTV News.  During the sit-down with MTV News, Stone described how one of the songs he wrote for the album, "Rival," draws upon his reflections on last year's massacre at Columbine High School -- a situation made all the more complex in light of the subject matter of the band's infamous "Jeremy" video.  

                    "Itīs kind of almost a cartoony look at male ego and sort of anger, violence", Stone Gossard. 

                    "Nothing As It Seems" debuted at #12 on R&R's alternative chart, #6 on the rock chart and #13 on the active-rock chart in the magazine Radio & Records, April 21th issue.

                    "Pearl Jam is an automatic for rock radio. They don't seem to want to take advantage of their fans, which is a really good thing, I'm glad there's at least one band doing that. I can see them doing things that are anti-commercial, to preserve that fanbase, which makes sense for them; they don't need another #1 [album]. They've insulated themselves from that, which is a privileged position",  Cyndee Maxwell (rock editor for radio-industry trade magazine).

                    "They don't compromise sheet for anyone. They sort of remind me of the way Neil Young has lived his life and his musical career. It's like saying, 'This is what I believe in, and we really don't' give a sheet about playing your game", Scott Weiland (singer of Stone Temple Pilots)

                    On April 25th, Pearl Jam posted online a free, downloadable MP3 of their performance of "Grievance" on the CBS-TV's "Late Show With David Letterman." The cut was available on the "Fanscene" section of their official Web site. The studio version of the track was included on Binaural. On April 27th Pearl Jam announced another show: May 10 Bellingham  at the Mt. Baker Theater. Tickets went on sale on the 28th. They also changed the venue of the May 23rd Lisbon, Portugal show at Utopia Pavilion; they were going to play at the Restelo Stadium. Pearl Jam announced 39 dates  (on April 28th) for their three-month North American tour.  Sonic Youth was going to open for the first half of the tour; the second half was by Supergrass, which began on Oct. 4 in Montreal. The opener show was in Virginia (Aug 4th), and they were going to close the tour performing only once in Seattle (Nov. 5th), although they added another Seattle show (Nov. 6th) a few weeks later. On April 30th, Pearl Jam announced that they will do a web chat on Lycos on May 15th at 9pm.

                     "Just in terms of our relationships with each other, and the fact that we all feel like we're not all going to fall off the edge of a cliff in two weeks — we have a couple months", Stone Gossard.