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 December 2000


                    On December 15th, the 2000 Xmas single hit the streets. The vinly features two songs from the 10 year anniversary show at the MCM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on October 22th. The songs are Crowd of Thorns by Mother Love Bone and Can't Help Falling in Love Again by Elvis Presley. The artwork of the single is based on what happened at the Roskilde show a few months before where 9 people were smashed against the barriers "9 starts watching over us". On the day that the single was sent, The Rockfords played a gig in Seattle, at the Crocodile Café. They performed songs from their album and two covers, one by The Who (I Can't Explain) and a song by Kiss (Black Diamond).


Mike at the Crocodile Café show on December 15th, 2000

12/15/00 - The Crocodile Cafe: Seattle, WA

Support act: Orbiter, Kim Virant (Solo)

Setlist: Distress, This Life, Adelaide, Flashes, DO it, I Can´t Explain (a song by The Who), Silver Lining, Spiral, Sureshot, Something True, Coat of Arms, Dreaming

Encore: Heart in your Hands, Windows, Island, Black Diamond (a song by Kiss)