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 July 2000


07/02/00 - Werchter Festival: Brussels, Belgium (canceled)

07/03/00 - The Ahoy: Rotterdam, Netherlands (canceled)



                    On July 16th, Mike and the rest of the guys from The Rockfords performed Distress and Silver Lining from their album and a cover of Blondie´s "Dreaming" acoustically at the KISW studios in Seattle. And on July 20th, The Rockfords performed at the Crocodile Café in Seattle. It was their debut show.



Mike at the Crocodile Café on July 20th, 2000 - The Rockfords debut show07/20/00 - The Crocodile Cafe: Seattle, WA

Support act: Kim Virant, Garth Reeves

Setlist: Distress, Flashes, Adelaide,This Life, Silver Lining, Coat of Arms, Something True, 8 Line Poem (by David Bowie), Spiral, Sureshot

Encore: Dreaming, Windows, Island

Notes:The debut show, with Mike fresh from PJ's 2000 tour of Europe. An amazing, intimate show with a tangible feeling of family and a smile on every face. A beautiful poster was done by Ames Bros for this show, and the band spent some time before the show signing posters and radio singles (silver lining) for fans and friends. All songs were played with the exception of 'Riverwide', and 'Heart in Your Hands'.