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 April 2001


                    On April 1st, "Well I my head snaps as the crewman walks into Eddie Vedders room and I add it up 1 and 1 =3...this IS Eddie Vedder. He shakes my hand warmly and I am feeling silly for not even knowing who this is- the man is loved by millions and I'm sure he thinks I'm a complete tosser.  Just from a few moments of chat he comes across as incredibly intelligent and a pool of calm floats in that head...I can see the wheels turn as he thinks before replying....... gone are the long twisted locks, gone are the shorts and he is petite'. Photos and rock dog videos always make him look tall, well in my mind anyway. he has a golden tan from living in the surf. The best thing is I don't even think of him as this rock star, the better thing is, he seems not to either- a huge relief. Neil goes past and says "I see you've met Eddie"... I nod. Rehearsal is underway and I am captivated by the incredible Johnny Marr of The Smiths fame, they play "On the Corner" and I am so happy. Marr is everything that I thought he would be. I head back to the rooms for towels and stage water and find Eddie trying to get sleep, on the floor. Which as the backstage warden is a huge No.No, I will always do whatever I can for our band to make backstage more comfortable...eventually I put two huge couches together and take him upstairs to the darkened balcony which is a nicer nap area. Neil meanwhile is having fun onstage, the unit is gelling, sounding hot and I am in musical bliss. I could sit and watch all night. Neil mikes if I've seen Eddie and would he like to rehearse a few songs, he's been napping with the door open and this "i'm here, here, here" voice . He heads downstairs and the final piece of this musical group takes form...... this week will be incredible, lucky red bowling shirt or not....", Peter Green.

                    On April 2nd, "Eddie says Hi and I confess that I'm incredibly happy that he is one inch shorter then I am...he laughs and says "small men are smarter as their brain is closer to their hearts"", Peter Green.

                    The Lineup - Stage right on guitar there was Johnny Marr of the Smiths. Stage left on guitar was Ed O'Brien of Radiohead.  Behind them were Lisa Germano (violins), Soul Coughing's Sebastian Steinberg on bass and Radiohead's Phil Selway on drums. Making occasional visits to the stage were Eddie and Tim Finn. And dead centre was Neil Finn.


                    "There was just a willingness for the show [Monday's opening night] to be good, and so it was. When you get people who are really good onstage, even when they don't come from the same background - as we obviously don't - if there's a combined will to make good music, it's a mind-expanding thing, really", Neil Finn.



Eddie at the St. James Theatre on April 2nd, 200104/02/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand

Attendance: 1,500 (sell-out)

Soundcheck: Not For You (multiple times), Parting Ways, Around the Bend, Paradise (Ed on a ukulele with Lisa), History Never Repeats (x2), I Got You (x2), I See Red

Setlist: Stuff and Nonsense, Around the Bend, Not For You, History Never Repeats, I Got You, World Where You Live

Encore: Parting Ways, Paradise (Eddie on ukulele), Weather With You (Eddie on tambourine)

Notes and Quotes: The first of 5 sell-out shows at the St.James Theatre. The show started at 8.30 pm. Neil Finn came out and played a few songs. Then he asked if there were any questions which someone in the crowd yelled "Where's Eddie?", he replied "Eddie Veddy's really ready, ready to take you on mate! He'll take on any man in Auckland!" to which a girl yelled "Will he take on a woman?". After introducing Tim, Neil introduced Eddie. Eddie strolled in with a glass of red wine in one hand and a note book in the other. Another noticeable thing was that Eddie cut his hair. 'Stuff and Nonsense' was the first song with Tim on piano and Eddie on vocals. After that Neil mentioned how good it was to have Eddie back in New Zealand and how he saved him from the last time (check the Chronology - March 95, for the story). The rest of the guests joined Eddie for 'Around the Bend', and 'Not for You'. After the songs Eddie started to walk off but was stopped by Neil asking him at what age did he first heard a Split Enz tune. Eddie replied "Ummmm ... a tasteful 13", which Neil responded "Tasteful 13? there is no such thing!", "yes there was, it was me!", said Eddie. Neil then asked him if he would mind playing with some other youngsters...and Betchadupa (Neil's sons band) came running on to the stage for 'History Never Repeats' and 'I Got You.' Eddie and Neil traded verses in both songs. On 'World Where You Live' Eddie sang the whole song while Neil was on keyboards. The encore started with 'Parting Ways'. After that Eddie played the ukelele with Lisa Germano on 'Paradise'. The final song had Eddie playing tambourine on 'Weather with You'. 


04/03/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand

Soundcheck: Betterman (x2)

Setlist: Take a Walk, Better Man, Stuff and Nonsense, Not For You, History Never Repeats, I Got You, World Where You Live, Paradise (Eddie on ukelele)

Notes and QuotesThe first song Eddie appeared was sooner than expected 'Take a Walk'. Eddie strolled out carrying again his precious notebook in one hand and a beer in the other. Before 'Better Man', "since the election last year, hasn't played, so it's all been brewing up inside. I'd like to dedicate this next song to little Damien, Omen 2. But then I'd have to change the lyrics to 'can't find a bigger asshole". Neil played piano/backup vocals on it. A funny thing happened when Eddie joined Neil's son's band on 'History Never Repeats'. He removed his shoes and started dacing in his socks. After the last song of the night, Neil called everyone on stage and they receive a standing ovation. This show was basically the same as the previous.



                    On Wednesday, April 4th, two more Pearl Jam live CDs entered the Billboard Top 200 chart--Seattle, Washington, November 6th and Las Vegas, Nevada, October 22th. These CDs were among the 24 double live CDs from leg two of the band's US 2000 tour, which were released on March 27th. These newest entries follow Pearl Jam's history-making simultaneous debut of seven CDs on the Billboard Top 200 chart on March 7th from leg one of their US tour. The November 6th, Seattle, Washington triple disc, which enters the Top 200 at #98, becomes the highest charting release from the bootleg series. (Katowice, Poland from the European "bootlegs" had entered the Top 200 chart at #103). A grand total of 72 double live "bootleg" CDs (with one triple CD) were released from Pearl Jam's US and European 2000 tour; 14 of which have made chart debuts. In addition to being available via retail outlets, the Pearl Jam bootleg series is also available through the band's website at pearljam.com. The idea to release the bootleg series was initially conceived by the band as a way to provide fans who were purchasing high priced, low quality unofficial bootlegs with a better quality, less expensive alternative.


04/04/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand

Attendance: 1,500 (sell-out)

Soundcheck: Corduroy (x2)

Setlist1: Take a Walk, Better Man, 

Setlist2: Stuff and Nonsense, Corduroy, History Never Repeats, I See Red

Encore: World Where You Live, Soon Forget, Paradise

Notes and Quotes: 'Take a Walk' was the first song Eddie performed this evening. He then came up before the break for 'Betterman' which had this funny dialog with Neil. Eddie said, "Neil was kind enough to invite me down, and on the premise of singing some Neil and Tim songs, which I could have done with the left lobe of my brain tied behind my back but you get down here and he has all these different ideas", Neil "We're subverting the process Eddie, drawing you out", Eddie "Well since Neil's a visionary, I'll go with it ... this was one of his ideas", Neil "This was PHIL's idea!", Eddie "Oh ... well we have a lot of visionaries up here".  'Better Man' had this beautiful tag


04/05/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand

Attendance: 1,500 (sell-out)

Setlist1: Take a Walk, Better Man/(Save It For Later), 

Setlist2: Stuff and Nonsense, I Got You, I See Red

Encore: World Where You Live, I Got Shit, Not For You, Paradise (Eddie on ukelele)

Notes and Quotes: Eddie started his performance the same way he did on the two previous shows with 'Take a Walk'. Before 'Better Man', Eddie asked the crowd if they wanted to hear his New Zealand accent, "I only know two words ... Iddie Vidder". After 'Stuff and Nonsense', Betchadupa joined Eddie for 'I Got You' and 'I See Red'. 'I Got Shit' is really surprise with Eddie mixing the verses. The last song he participated was 'Paradise' on ukelele. 



                    On April 5th, "I have one copy of HUSSY with me , and Eddie V. takes me into his confidence on a fun stage idea, so I know the book has to go to him. let it be known now that he has the #1 book and I did sign it..... I tell him not to show Neil yes as I want to give Neil/Sharon their copies, Sharon has had a quick read. Anyway I give Ed the book, its a non diary moment...all good. So he comes out to see me in the foyer a few hours later, I think he went back to the Hotel and read it...am blown away by that, and a bit embarrassed as even I haven't read it..... the one thing he is amazed with is that someone else knows who Prince Planet is...he confesses that at school he made a Prince Planet medallion that was heat sealed......its a vague memory of Prince Planets existence- exactly like mine and I take this as the ultimate sign... this is so cool", Peter Green.

04/05/01 - KROCK Radio Station: New York, NY


                    During that day as also but in New York, Stone Gossard was interviewed for KROCK Radio Station. Will Pendarvis conducted the interview. They talked about the DVD, the new solo-project Stone was involved, whose CD was going to be called Bayleaf a few months later.

                    "You know, my guess is that we'll probably get back together again after the first of the year. Actually, Ed's down in New Zealand right now doing some shows with Neil Finn and a couple of the guys from Radiohead who are kinda doing a little benefit. I'm not even sure what the benefit is for but it's five days worth of shows down in New Zealand and Australia. And me and Jeff are gonna go do some snowboarding up in Alaska next week so um, we're not in a crazy rush to get into the studio right now", Stone Gossard.

                    "Yeah there's a few vocals of mine on there and a few vocals of my good friend Ty Willman and Ty sings in Green Apple Quickstep so you might be familiar with him, but it's just a kind of a record I...a bunch of old songs I worked on over the last three or four years and i finished and Pete Droge, who is also a good friend of mine, ended up producing it so...Just a kind of a little something I put together over the last couple of months and I'm kinda excited about", Stone Gossard.


04/06/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand

Attendance: 1,500 (sell-out)

Soundcheck: Golden Years, Timeless Melody (x4)

Setlist1: Take a Walk, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Stuff and Nonsense, I Got You, History Never Repeats, I See Red, World Where You Live

Setlist2: Stuff and Nonsense, I Got You, History Never Repeats, I See Red, World Where You Live

Encore: Golden Years, Timeless Melody

Notes and QuotesThis performance was webcast in real time. Neil introduced Eddie to which the crowd went nuts. He appeared with a Split Enz hair style and played 'Take a Walk'. After the song he left and then returned for 'Better Man'. Before the song Eddie gave a little speech "I'd just like to publically thank Neil for inviting me to Auckland, (crowd claps) inviting me to meet his family and his friends and you. And uh for some reason, I ... at some point felt the way to get closest or know someone really close or be intimate with them was to have sex with them (crowd laughs, and someone yells, "get to know me") from an adolescent viewpoint, but um this week I kinda realised that actually playing music is one of the most really nice ways to get to know each other intimately, and I just wanna thank everybody up here for um just how I've really enjoyed sleeping with you.. (crowd laughs) um, I mean playing with you all". 'Better Man' had another great tag "I wannna sleep, I wanna dream, but I can't sleep and I can't dream without you next to me ..."  After Neil's final number 'Don't Dream It's Over', the whole ensemble returns to the stage for a group bow and standing ovation.


                    "Run into Mr Vedder and Mr Marr at soundcheck, they both say there is a surprise song in the set but neither will tell me what this treat is, but I will, our of everyone love it....... Sebastian and Phil blow it by saying wow "The Smiths"- How soon is now?.....hard to keep a surprise at rehearsal, but I AM over the moon. I head out to the road-case to do a stock check, its in the St James Foyer, I leave the doors open so the fans waiting in the rain can hear soundcheck. Eddie comes out and tells me to head to his room in the 2nd half of the set (oh honey)....but sadly it's just for "the stage project". The show is underway, sold out again. The second half I am in Eddies room , attempting to make his hair into a Split Enz mohawk ...that's the secret, during TAKE A WALK Eddie Vedder will have a (small) Enz mohawk, eyeliner, makeup and an original Enz shirt made by some girls in 1974...with THE SPLITZ on the back...Anne from the front bar had this...save dit all these years...and I tell he rit's fate as Eddie needs something to wear thats Enzish..... Our problem is that his hair refuses to stay up....no time to do the old soap trick so I'm holding it together, he's upside down allowing gravity and eventually and tonnes of hair lacquer we have something...not what we wanted. But the reaction is good...Neil just grins, loves it. They do a kick arse version of TAKE A WALK......Eddie thanks Neil for SOME GREAT SEX....No No No he says , for a fantastic week.... I am killing myself so funny. I can picture Neil wondering if I have corrupted Eddie Vedder.... massive hair products, kohl eyeliner, eyeshadow, clothing, gay jokes....BUT Mr Finn it was all his own doing, I wasn't even a catalyst....honestly!!!!!!!Go and say goodbye to Eddie last, he pockets my card with all my contact numbers on it and says he is totally hopeless at writing, and I assure him that's all fine, as long as he has the numbers, our paths will cross, just one of those fate things, if not it's ok- good to know that all multi million selling rockstars are not wankers, it's been a great week. Fave person-Eddie Vedder. Fave Song-Betterman- Finn/Vedder version.....and How Soon is Now", Peter Green.


Eddie with his ukelele jamming with Kelly Slater


              After the Neil Finn shows Eddie went to Australia. The trip was mainly a surfing vacation with his champion pro-surfer buddies Kelly Slater (who's also a musician) and Tim Curran. According to Aussie journalist Christie Eliezer, the trio spent time in remote areas (including at least one never-before-surfed reef) hanging with the locals who were then treated to impromptu performances around a bonfire. According to Eliezer, Eddie was also a low profile backstage guest at Australia's East Coast Blues and Roots festival. Well being in Aussie land, Ben Harper invited Eddie on April 11th, to join him at the tiny 300-seat Independent Theatre in North Sydney. It was a secret show for Virgin Records and Triple J contest winners. The pair performed 'Indifference' together and took their bows, embracing as they walked off. 




                    "The trip was just 4 days. (Eddie left after 3). We were there from sometime just after Easter. Eddie had just done a gig with Neil Finn in NZ, prior to this trip with Kelly. Eddie was a really nice guy actually. Everyone was amazed at how down to earth and likable he actually was as a person.  A true gentleman actually", Sean Davey (the man behind those cool pics). Just check on his page the amazing pics he took from an Easter Australian trip, fascinating!!! Aloha



04/11/01 - The Independant Theatre: Sydney, Australia

Setlist: Eddie and Ben Harper playing both acoustic guitars on Indifference 


Ben Harper: "I'm going to invite out a dear friend of mine. We're gonna do a song. Eddie Vedder"; 

Eddie: "I should just thank Ben publicly for playing this Madison Square Garden Rally with us for a guy called Ralph Nader before last year's elections. Ralph Nader was the only real man to run for President. I just say real man 'cause the other two not that they aren't man but they're kind more puppets with huge corporate hands, up there asses moving their mouths. I heard that, I don't know if you heard this but George Bush nickname is Boy George [laughs]" ; 

Ben Harper: "Don't insult Boy George like that [laughs]" ; 

Eddie: "I think they've made it up when they were in the showers [laughs]" ;

Ben Harper: "Spare me the polaroids [laughs]"