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 August 2001


                    On August 4th, Eddie appeared at the Ralph Nader rally at the Rose Garden in Portland. He played: Soon Forget, Give Me Some Truth by John Lennon, Patriot/People Have the Power. He preceeded "Soon Forget" with the same Paul Allen speech he gave last time he was in the Rose Garden "He gives you something, and then he makes you pay for it". Eddie remarked that the John Lennon song was about getting the truth, and he wanted to introduce a man who simply was the truth ... Ralph.

                    "Eddie Vedder is the lead singer and lyricist for Pearl Jam, one of the most popular and socially conscious bands currently active in the United States. Last year, he expressed support for a political candidate for the first time by appearing with Ralph Nader during the Super Rallies leading up to the November election. Vedder spoke and performed solo acoustic sets in support of Nader's candidacy at Key Arena in Seattle, the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, and Madison Square Garden in New York City. Vedder and Pearl Jam have a long history of social activism, and have already donated more than $2 million to a variety of national and international causes. They've also recently established a charitable foundation that aspires to give away roughly half a million dollars to progressive causes every two years", www.democracyrising.org/


Eddie at the Rose Garden on August 4th, 2001 - Copyright Laurie Hester                     "I went to one rally in Seattle and I'd been watching Ralph on C-SPAN and have followed him through the years. I noticed that this was the first year that he was gonna attempt a full-fledged campaign and I volunteered to help and just showed up in Seattle. I was really amazed at the energy in the room. It was as good and inspiring as any kind of piece of art or musical performance that I had seen in my life, which I think says a lot, especially if you know me, because music has been everything. I think what was so moving about [the rally] was this feeling of empowerment. There was this hope that you could make a difference, and that there was someone that you could back that will make a difference", Eddie Vedder.


08/04/01 - Rose Garden: Portland, OR (Democracy Rising Rally)

Setlist: Soon Forget, Gimme Some Truth by John Lennon, I Am a Patriot by Steven Van Zandt/People Have The Power by Patti Smith



                    "To close the week-long series of concerts and Groundwork 2001 events, Pearl Jam will be joining other musicians by donating their time to raise awareness and show their support for the fight against World Hunger with a performance at Seattle's Key Arena on Monday, October 22. People across the United States and around the world can also join in by viewing a global satellite television broadcast and by visiting the event web site and virtual stadium at www.groundwork2001.org.", The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

                    On August 18th, was confirmed that Mike was going to appear at the San Diego Street Scene 2001, an annual event held over 3 days and featuring over 100 acts on 10 stages. Stone Gossard  "Bayleaf" album was expected to go on sale on Sep. 11th, Epic was distributing for which Stone wrote all 10 songs. He sings lead on seven tracks, with pal Ty Wilman handling lead vocals on the other three, including first single ''Unhand Me.'' The record has been in the works for four years. Stone has reactivated his part-time band Brad. Brad rehearsed all month (August) and announced on August 23th that they were going to play three gigs at Seattle's Breakroom on Sept. 1-3 to attract record label interest. Pearl Jam's Epic Records label distributed the two previous Brad albums, "Shame'' (1993) and "Interiors'' (1997). That same day (August 23th) Matt Cameron's sideband "Wellwater Conspiracy" started a West-Coast Mini-Tour. The first show took place in West Hollywood at the Roxy.

                    "We decided that we are going to leave the comfy confines of Epic Records and look for a new home out of Mom and Dad's basement. Our next journey as Brad is to kinda find our own business hole to exist in'' , Stone Gossard.

                    On August 24th, Eddie joined Matt Cameron´s sideband Wellwater Conspiracy in San Diego at the Casbah singing on two songs: "Red Light Green Light" and "Felicity´s Surprise".


Wellwater Conspiracy (Matt Cameron's sideband) West Coast Mini-Tour:


08/23/01 - The Roxy: West Hollywood, CA

08/24/01 - The Casbah: San Diego, CA

08/25/01 - The Boston: Las Vegas, NV

08/27/01 - Great American Music Hall: San Francisco, CA

08/29/01 - Hollywood Taxi: Springfield, OR

08/30/01 - Satyricon: Portland, OR

08/31/01 - The Crocodile Cafe: Seattle , WA