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 February 2001


                    On February 2nd, Pearl Jam were among the list of nominees for the 2001 Seattle Area Music Awards. The Awards took place at the OK Hotel in Seattle on Febuary 13th. Pearl Jam got a nomination for the Best Rock/Pop Album for Binaural. That same day "Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000 DVD" became official.

                    "The band liked what they saw, and the idea of creating a mock set list of songs from different cities on the tour and releasing them via DVD came up. It's very raw and realistic footage done without directors or producers. It gives fans a chance to see a little more behind-the-scenes stuff than has previously been available", Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam Manager).

                    "When I worked for a recording studio I did quite a bit of audio for video, anything from music video to Boeing presentations. I was involved in the Alive video shoot, having recorded and mixed the audio for that video. I also worked on a couple of the live music sequences in the movie Singles, and many other audio for video projects. These experiences made the planning of the audio and video sync pretty simple. There are rules to follow, and as long as you know the rules and stick to them it is not a difficult process", Brett Eliason (Pearl Jam's Sound Engineer).

                    Pearl Jam have for years filmed their concerts for archival purposes, but the idea to release some of the footage surfaced after live video clips the band made available on its Web site during last summer's European outing began garnering fan acclaim. Once Pearl Jam returned to the States, full-time crewmembers Liz Burns, Steve Gordon and Kevin Shuss began shooting the band's concerts from different angles and editing the videos on a production bus while on the road. The final product appears as a successive two-hour concert, though the 28 songs are actually taken from different stops on the 48-city U.S. tour. Following the show is 50 minutes of band, city and fan montages from the European tour, plus "Yellow Ledbetter" live; unreleased instrumentals "Thunderclap," "Foldback'' and "Harmony," from the Binaural sessions; Josh Taft´s 'Oceans' video, never before released in the US; Todd McFarlane's animated "Do the Evolution" video; and outtakes of the U.S. tour set to the song "Smile." Included in the special features is a "Matt-cam" option, which is available on three songs — "Evacuation," "Even Flow" and "In My Tree" — and allows fans to watch Pearl Jam perform from drummer Matt Cameron's position in the back center of the stage.

                    "I like the way [the DVD] came about, which was very organic. It was people who already worked with us on tour and they would just, once the show would start, drop what they were doing and grab a camera", Eddie Vedder.

                    "I think it's cool. It's kind of embarrassing at times, but it's all right. People seem to like that. I was kinda shocked that they would feature that. How much can you watch three guys playing guitars, you know? One thing I like about that is that they did it all themselves. The crew did it themselves. They edited it, and they mixed it and they packaged it, everything. I like being a part of that for sure. Big rock bands could learn a lot from Pearl Jam", Matt Cameron.

                    "Matt chose the songs that he wanted the Matt Cam angle for. Beyond that it was as easy as increasing the level of his kit", Brett Eliason (Pearl Jam Sound engineer). [At the end of the credits of the DVD, it says "For Corwin" - Brett´s Dog].

                    "In a way, we just made 28 videos, but it was done in a Pearl Jam way", Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam Manager).

                    On February 21th, 'Grievance' from Binaural, was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Hard Rock Performance for solo vocals, or Duos/Groups with vocals (singles or tracks only). During the month of February, Mike worked with Heart's Nancy Wilson to score the film from "Almost Famous" director Cameron Crowe, "Vanilla Sky," which stars Tom Cruise; Stone finished an album with singer/songwriter Pete Droge under the name Bayleaf. The project also featured Green Apple Quick Step singer Tyler Willman and drummer Matt Chamberlin

                    "Without [Ty's] support, I'm not sure I would have finished the [record]. I know it wouldn't be as good. I don't have any plans to tour. It took me a long time to make this record. It may take me a long time before I feel 'ready' to tour as a lead singer. I may never be ready ... we'll just have to see", Stone Gossard.

                    "It took me seven years to do this album. It may take more to feel like a frontman. I've seen too many good ones", Stone Gossard.

Official Bootleg from Virginia Beach, August 3rd, 2000                 On Februay 27th, the first leg of official boot recordings from Pearl Jam's North American tour were released.

                    "We change the set list every night, and we're looking for magic to happen. Sometimes, it's terrible. Sometimes, it's great. I can understand people's complaints about so many live albums. It's not like we're doing any long improvisational thing [to make the shows] radically different from each other. There's probably [only] five or six of those records that are great", Stone Gossard.