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 January 2001


                    At the beggining of January, Pearl Jam announced that they were going to release a DVD documenting their 2000 road trip. They've decided to congeal the best footage from all of the North American shows into one DVD (or VHS). On January 29th, the first leg of official boot recordings from Pearl Jam's North American tour became available to fan club members via tenclub.net at a special discounted price of $10.98. Other retail outlets had only the boots available for preorder (they became available in stores on February 27th). Six of the 23 discs, carry a symbol - a crouching man and a standing man - that brand performances the band thought were particularly good. Originally, the band was going to grade all the CDs but, 

                    "Then you start bumming out the person who may have seen what they thought was the greatest show ever and then they find out that the band didn't like it at all", Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam Manager).

                    "We've been kicking the idea around for a few years. It was more of a consumer thing than anything else. We kept buying our own bootlegs and were surprised at how kind of poor they were and how expensive they were at the same time, and we thought, `Why don't we just release them for the people that want them at a cheap price that sounds really good? We got to master these so they sound a little better. It wasn't like it was fixing things or overdubs, It was like bringing the vocal up a bit more or giving the guitars a kick", Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam Manager).                    

                    "Compared to the recordings made in Europe using the traditional system, the tracks are fuller, punchier and warmer. The differences are not subtle and everyone who has listened to the new tracks has been very impressed… there is more real low end and smoother high end. It has eliminated the mid-range ‘honk’ of the house PA", Brett Eliason (Pearl Jam Sound engineer).