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 July 2001


                    On July 8th, Jeff usually known for his basketball skills broke out his baseball glove for the 2001 All Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, which was telecast earlier in the week by ESPN in Seattle. Eddie also got caught up in All-Star fever as he participated in former major league pitcher Jack McDowell's Major League Baseball Charity Benefit concert at Seattle's Showbox on July 9th. He played a few songs with Wellwater Conspiracy (Red Light Green Light, Felicity's Surprise) and the Supersuckers (Poor Girl). The legends and celebrity game raised money for Arts Corps, which is a Seattle program aimed at inspiring children to create art via music, poetry, or acting instead of engaging in detrimental activities. 

                    "When that kind of got pulled out from underneath my feet I was like, 'OK, what's God telling me here? What am I supposed to do?' And so I was really contemplating going to art school at that point because it was really something in the back of my head, and it's still in the back of my head. I could imagine getting a loft in New York or whatever and just painting for six months", Jeff Ament.



07/09/01 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA

Lineup: Mudhoney, The Supersuckers, Marcy Playground, Pete Droge with Elaine Summers backing, Wellwater Conspiracy, Stickfigure, Eddie Vedder

Eddie's participation: Red Light Green Light and Felicity's Surprise (with Wellwater Conspiracy), Poor Girl (with The Supersuckers)

Notes and Quotes: The show started off with Stickfigure (Jack McDowell's band). Next was Wellwater Conspiracy. About 5 songs in, Eddie walked up on stage. He did 2 songs with Wellwater (Red Light Green Light, and Felicity's Surprise). Pete Droge played next with his acoustic guitar and Elaine Summer who sang backup. After Marcy Playground, The Supersuckers came up on stage. They rocked the house. For their last song, Eddie Spaghetti (singer) said how lucky they were to be able to play songs with so many people including "Eddie Vedder, who's here tonight, and we're going to play a song with him". So they played a cover of the X song called "Poor Girl" that appeared on the "Free the West Memphis 3" CD. Mudhoney was the last band to step up into the stage and before returning for the encore a few people started chanting "Eddie, Eddie". The funny thing was that Eddie was right behind them. He was the main responsible for the Mudhoney encore cause he managed to quiet those guys down and influenced them to chant Mudhoney instead of Eddie.



Stone Gossard building homes for indigent Lakota elders in South Dakota, July 2001                    At the beggining of July, Stone helped building homes for indigent Lakota elders in South Dakota as he did in previous years. Mike McCready rented a studio in Seattle for some jam sessions with fellow musicians.

                    "Building the straw houses combines elements that cannot be utilized when building traditional houses. It allows unskilled labor to participate, but the houses are easy to build and very efficient. It’s a beautiful construction style", Stone Gossard.

                "We're going to record some. I don't know exactly when, but in the next six months. And I don't think it's going to be that long before we have a record done. But you never know. We're definitely letting ourselves relax this point in terms of everybody feeling like we've come a long way. We need to allow ourselves enough time to really be fresh when we get back together. That's basically what everyone's doing. But my guess is we'd be doing some recording at some point relatively soon", Stone Gossard [July 01].

                    "Mike McCready rented out a studio here [in Seattle] for the last three or four days. I think it's more because he loves to record and play guitar. He's inviting people down and just screwing around and having a good time. I was down there for a couple of nights writing with him, jamming, playing songs of his and some of mine. There's some of that, but there's not a lot of that. In general, when the band is apart, everyone is refueling. We know we're going to spend six or nine months together every other year, and that's a lot of time. We love it. But at the same time, when you're not in that mode, there's a lot of energy that gets going when all of us are in the same room. It's sometimes difficult to harness that energy. Usually you need to gear up for it: this is our time frame; let's go in and make something happen. Bring your best stuff", Stone Gossard.  


                    On July 21th, Mike played the Stones "Dead Flowers" and Neil Young´s "Powderfinger" at the Gibson´s Bar and Grill in Seattle, in a party with his bandmates from The Rockfords.