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Song Meanings / Album concept / Art Work / Technical Stuff



Here's the meanings/information behind the songs from No Code:


Pearl Jam, No Code Album

                    The picture of the little piece of cut out flesh and stitched wound on the cover of No Code are pics of Eddie's foot taken by Dr. Paul J. Bubak with Eddie's forensic Polaroid after Ed was stung by a sting ray. The black eye on the cover of No Code is Dennis Rodman.




Pearl Jam, No Code Album, 03 - Who You Are


                    "We realized that we had an opportunity to experiment. For instance, everyone has written that 'Who Are You' was obviously inspired by my collaboration with Nusrat, but that's not where it came from", Eddie Vedder.

                    "I'd been playing that [drum pattern] since I was eight. It was inspired by a Max Roach drum solo I heard at a drum shop when I was a little kid", Jack Irons.

                    "When I first heard that song, I was totally blown away by it. I thought it was the best song we had ever done", Mike McCready.



Pearl Jam, No Code Album, 05 - Smile


                    The Smile Lyrics were written by Dennis from The Frogs.



Pearl Jam, No Code Album, 06 - Off He Goes


                    "The song "Off He Goes" is really about me being a shit friend. I'll show up and everything's great and then all of the sudden I'm outta there ...", Eddie Vedder.



Pearl Jam, No Code Album, 13 - Around the Bend


                    "I also remember saying I should write a lullabye and by the end of the day I wrote a lullabye, It was "Around the Bend." It was kind of a writing exercise. Then I thought, "well you can't just write a lullabye because that's just too sweet."So, just by changing a few words, I made it so if you listen to it one way it was like a lullabye like a father singing to his child, which is basically a song for Jack Irons to sing to his boy, or it could be like a serial killer who had just eaten half of his ... See, there's a nasty side", Eddie Vedder.